3 Ingredients for Franchising Success

Why do some franchisees excel while others fail?

There are many factors to consider, but there are three main aspects to consider:

The nature of the franchise, your perception of your franchise’ system and hiring the right people.

A Well-Established Franchise

There are always risks when it comes to starting a business, but taking a huge gamble isn’t always the way to go. If you want to succeed as a franchisee, seek a franchise that is risk averse. These are franchises who are well-established and have a proven business model.  This type of franchises give franchisees training and support to minimise their risks and ensure their success.

With known franchises, it is easier to research their track records and easier to find people who’ve had good or bad experiences with them. Another advantage of well-established brands is that customers trust them and are more likely to seek their services.

Businessman closing a purchase

An Appreciation of Systems

A well established franchise has a tried-and-tested business model, knowledgeable and supportive coaches, and a network of hardworking, self-motivated franchisees. This gives those buying into a franchise access to a wealth of knowledge from experienced and like-minded people.

Buying a franchise is not for those who do not appreciate systems or those who want to reinvent the wheel in pursuit of determining their entrepreneurial power. A successful franchisee understands what makes the model work and is willing to be coached by their peers and their franchise’s experts.

The Right People

Any business, be it a franchise, a family business or a corporation requires the right people to ensure success. From investors to employees, finding and working hard to keep the right people is of paramount importance to having a fruitful franchise. This of course entails staying in touch with your investors, coaches and fellow franchisees, and working on employee satisfaction.

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