How much do you really know about Experimac? This franchise has cornered a niche of the forever growing technological market of Apple products not only in the United States but around the world. According to Fortune Magazine, over 700 million people in the world have an iPhone, and that doesn’t include those who have MacBooks, iPods, other products, or any combination. This is a market that has reached all corners of the earth, and Experimac serves as an alternative to save people money on repairs and purchase of these infamous technologies.

What is so different about Experimac?

Experimac has a higher value in customer service than many other repair places. One of the most distinguishing things about Experimac is that appointments are not required for their service, which is unlike many other computer repair franchise opportunities. Customers can just walk in and be greeted by experts in repairing computers and smartphones.

In addition, Experimac offers a 90-day warranty on everything for their customers, and uses the best quality equipment on all of their repairs. In addition, franchises have competitively lower costs on pre-owned and refurbished electronics. Experimac puts customers as their highest priority to ensure they are getting what they need.

Experimac is a one-of-a-kind concept that our customers and franchisees enjoy. What started as a small company in a garage has grown to an international franchise with infinite opportunities for growth. Experimac is a cellphone repair franchise, a computer repair franchise, a technology accessories and upgrades franchise, a refurbished technology resale franchise, and more. Most electronics franchises cannot compete with the amount of stuff Experimac can do both with sales and overall customer service.

What does becoming a franchisee require?

Experimac has over 100 franchises nationwide and ample opportunity for more. No necessary electronics experience is required. However, a good attitude and willingness to learn key technical requirements are essential.

Experimac has an intensive two-week training program in Florida, and in addition they require one-on-one training so the new franchisee is fully prepared to start their own Experimac. Even after training, we are constantly by the franchisees side to support and help them along the way.

The electronics industry is growing rapidly and more people are getting involved than ever. Now is the time to invest in a franchise. More information about this incredible opportunity can be found in Experimac’s free guide.