Founded in 2009 and franchising since 2014, Experimac, popularly referred to as “the Apple Store Franchise,” has seen growth rates over the last two years that are so explosive that “phenomenal” seems too weak a descriptor. And this growth shows no signs of stopping.

Why this off-the-charts performance? What is driving Experimac’s impressive growth? The answer might in part lie in its CEO, Ray Titus, who also founded the well-known printing franchise Signarama and heads the many other high-performance franchises of UFG (United Franchise Group).

But this is only one piece of the answer to our question, and the best explanation of the Experimac phenomenon is also the reason that Ray Titus spotted its potential to begin with.

Why Is the “Apple Store Franchise” Surging?

Many have credited Experimac for finding or creating a new market, and this explains its high growth rate. But that is only partly true. What Experimac has done is unite and streamline a seemingly disparate array of products and services under one umbrella.

This umbrella is narrow in that it focuses on one manufacturer (Apple) but broad in that it covers computer repairs, smartphone repairs, hardware and software upgrades, accessory sales, electronic resales, trade-ins, diagnostic testing, and Mac-focused technical assistance.

Experimac is a “one-stop shop” for Apple’s peripheral and after-sale markets. It is like an apple-shaped shadow that follows the Apple (Macintosh new product sales) wherever it goes. It not only meets the needs of those with existing Apple products who need a repair, upgrade, or some timely advice, but also reaches out to those who find it difficult to afford a new Apple product but understand the value of the brand.

Experimac reduces the price tag by about 60%, offering everything from vintage to almost-new devices. In this way, Experimac is like the tech-world equivalent of a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz dealership: you get a durable, high-value product for much less that is in nearly as good condition.

What Are the Benefits of Franchising with Experimac?

Besides Experimac’s niche market success and surging growth rates, why should someone looking for a good franchise management opportunity choose Experimac? While there are many good answers to this simple question, we will highlight four of the most important ones below:

  1. Specializing in Apple products brings with it a vast and intensely loyal customer base, which translates into high closing rates with prospective customers. Furthermore, there is good ROI per sale since Apple products have some of the highest resale values in the electronics industry.
  2. Multiple revenue streams from the wide-ranging services Experimac offers help maintain steady, stable cash flows and consistently strong overall revenue.
  3. Experimac offers new franchisees an intensive two-week training course that will prepare you to run your new business. Half of the training takes place at Experimac HQ in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the second half is done on site at your franchise location. Additionally, there are ongoing in-person and online training opportunities.
  4. The Experimac support network is second to none. First, there is third-party financing available through Experimac’s relationships with other institutions. Second, there is ongoing support including employee training, management, marketing, and more.

If you would like to learn more about becoming an Experimac franchisee, feel free to click the link and download our free franchise brochure or call us at 888-251-7693. No tech experience is necessary. Franchisees need only have good managerial skills.