If you’ve got general knowledge about computers or are interested in getting into the growing computer industry, then you might be weighing your options, considering whether to start a computer business of your own or to invest in an existing computer service franchise. And if you have decided to buy into a computer service franchise, you might be wondering which franchise is right for you. The following are a few questions that you might have about investing a computer service franchise to help you identify how you could potentially benefit from franchising:

1. How much will it cost to invest?

One of the biggest differences between starting your own computer service business and buying into a franchise is that a franchise will be able to give you a pretty accurate estimate of how much it’s going to cost you. The costs of starting a new company can fluctuate wildly, especially if you don’t have previous experience starting a business.

Take Experimac, for example. We provide prospective owners with a very clear idea of how much it will cost to invest in our computer service franchise, including the cost of the franchise fee, the liquid capital that’s required, the royalty percentage, and the range of the total estimated cost of the investment, which includes not only the franchise fee but also the money needed to secure a location site, supplies, and payroll.

2. What kind of training will you receive?

If you’re starting a new business on your own, you’re not getting any training. This means that you must have knowledge not only about the computer service industry, but also about running a business in general. Neither of these is necessary if you invest in a franchise.

At Experimac, we provide owners with two weeks of extensive training, teaching you everything you will need to know to run an Experimac franchise effectively. Following that training period, you’ll receive further one-on-one training in your store to give you the experience you need.

3. What kind of support will you be given?

A good franchise will provide you with support throughout the entire course of owning a franchise. The following are three areas of support that we provide at Experimac:

  • Support opening the store: We will help you find a suitable location for you to open your store based on demographic studies and experience. We will even help you negotiate the lease. We will then provide store build-out and setup assistance. During the course of setting up your store, we will help provide third-party financial assistance for equipment leasing if it’s necessary.
  • Support with marketing: You will benefit from our national marketing efforts, and we will provide marketing and advertising guidance. This includes help with website and social media setup.
  • Ongoing support: You’ll be able to take advantage of our established vendor relationships throughout your ownership. Additionally, we provide continuous online training and have an intranet system that allows easy access to information at any time. We will also provide guidance and assistance anytime you request it.

These are three important questions that you should ask to figure out how you’ll benefit from franchising. As you can see, there’s a lot of opportunity in our Experimac computer service. To request more information concerning our franchise opportunities, be sure to contact us at Experimac today.