Be Your Own Boss by Investing in a Low-Cost Franchise Opportunity

If you are goal-oriented and excel in leadership, you might want to consider becoming your own boss. Being your own boss requires you to be disciplined and have stability in several aspects of your life. As your own boss, you should have a personal support system, a stable emotional state and excellent time management skills.

Personal Finance Situation

The first essential step in becoming your own boss is to know your financial situation. You have to know how much money your business has to constantly generate in order to keep on providing you with sufficient income. Not only would you need to know about your personal finances, but you also need to calculate the projected initial capital needed to establish your business.

If your calculations show that your potential business is too expensive for your budget, you may want to consider investing in lower costs for your potential business.Businessmen discussing about franchising

Open a Low-Cost Franchise

Out of the many types of businesses, opening a franchise can provide you with a low-cost investment. If you think that opening a franchise is challenging, Experimax can help you ease the process. We offer a low-cost franchise opportunity in Australia that focuses on IT business franchise solutions.

We specialise in the sell, buy, repair and trade-in of pre-owned Apple® products. By becoming an Experimax franchisee, you will be working with an efficient and sustainable business model.

What You Pay For

On a monthly basis, you can expect to pay standard royalty fees that are around 6% of your monthly income. This will be used to fund our research and development in the industry and to offer you all the benefits you can expect on a monthly basis as an Experimax franchisee.

To get started on your Experimax franchise, call 1300 218 674.