Breaking Down the Investment: Expenses You Should Take into Account

Franchise businesses are slowly taking over Australia’s economic landscape. More and more entrepreneurs – both young and seasoned – are investing their money in an established brand instead of starting their own business model from scratch. Why? Financial security.

Experimax, a reputable and successful tech franchise, is a continuously growing enterprise. With our experience and trusted methodology, we allow franchisees to benefit from the company’s credibility, large following and training programmes for support. With the right franchise model and guidance, like all our other franchisees, you too can work your way toward success.


It’s important to remember that just like any other business venture, Experimax franchises are an investment – one that you should take seriously. Knowing how to save, distribute and spend your money wisely for an investment is crucial to your financial growth. And it all starts with a clear understanding of the fees and costs involved in financing a franchise.

Here are the expenses that you should take into account before investing in an Experimax franchise:

Initial Investment

Upfront Franchise Fees
Amount: Between $185,000 to $195,000
At Experimax, we require our potential franchisees to pay a Franchise Fee upfront once they have signed the franchise agreement. This sum will cover important aspects of the franchise businesses, such as the branding and multiple training sessions.

Working Capital Investment
Amount: Approximately $45,000
After the training programmes, all franchisees should provide a working capital investment, which will be used to provide them with assets, banking accounts and cash. The investment will also cover employee salaries, inventory costs and other related expenses during their first month as a franchisee.

Last Initial Cost
Amount: Between $15,000 to $30,000
The final round of the initial investment expenses will cover the costs of the tangible assets of the Experimax franchise. This includes the store space as well as equipment needed to run the business. Since no two Experimax franchises are exactly alike, each one will require different initial costs.

Business owner talking to franchisers

Subsequent Fees

Standard Royalty Fee
Amount: 6% of your monthly revenue
Just like most franchises, Experimax also charges franchisees for a Standard Royalty Fee. The royalty fee is mainly for funding our research and development initiatives, making sure we give you a competitive edge in the market.

Marketing Fees
Amount: 1% of monthly revenue
For marketing purposes, we ask our franchisees to contribute a small amount of their revenue. This helps us create innovative and effective marketing strategies for your business.

For those entering the franchise market for the first time, we understand that the experience can be unnerving. This is where our experience and tested-and-tested methodology come in. Together with our support and resources, you can rest assured that every cent goes to something worthwhile.

Under the International Franchise Group, Experimax has been at the forefront of innovative technology for years. Jim Muir started the business humbly in a garage and expanded the franchise globally just a few years after. Experimax focuses on technology and electronics equipment, an in-demand industry in today’s tech-driven market. Contact us today to find out more about our IT franchises for sale. Call 1300 782 741.