No one has to convince you that Apple® products are spectacular. You became a believer a long time ago.

But how do you tap into your enthusiasm for Apple products if you want to open a franchise that offers Apple pre-owned products? Pre-owned Apple products might be part of the secondary market, but they’re also among the most sought-after by Apple devotees like you who wish to add to their “Apple arsenal” and by people who cannot afford to purchase new Apple products.

Apple Can Bite into a Franchisee’s Enthusiasm

Widely known for being fiercely protective of its brand, Apple doesn’t make it easy to take part in the excitement of the business.

  • Apple shows no signs of sharing the wealth by offering Apple Store franchises.
  • You could become an Apple Authorized Reseller (AAR), but only after undertaking what’s been called an “incredibly onerous process that requires approval from Apple (and) a promise to purchase a minimum of $100,000 in equipment each year from Apple” while achieving what many franchise owners consider to be unrealistic profit margins.
  • You could become an Apple Authorized Service Provider, which would allow you to offer repair services but not to sell pre-owned Apple products.

Experimac Restores the Fervor

Only Experimac can keep the magic alive by offering you the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds: sales of pre-owned Apple products (including iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets, iMac® computers, MacBook® laptops, and Apple accessories) and Apple refreshing services. This growing and dynamic franchise is so different from any other that it has claimed an entire market niche.

Call it the Experimac Moment—the moment it dawns on potential franchise owners that they have found a growing, dynamic franchise that offers them an opportunity they once considered impossible. Here are three reasons why the future has “pre-owned Apple products” written all over it:

Reason Number 1: Apple has sold an astonishing number of products. With more than 1 billion Apple devices online, Apple also:

  • Shipped 300 million iPads®, iPhones®, and Macs® in 2015.
  • Represented 49 percent of all mobile devices activated during Christmas week 2015.
  • Sells 31 Macs® per minute.

While all of these products are manufactured according to Apple’s high standards, people drop, spill coffee on, and even submerge their favorite Apple devices in water. Accidents happen, and they can lead people right to Experimac for pre-owned Apple products.

Reason Number 2: Apple has led the way in some of the most exciting technological advances of the twenty-first century. Industry experts consistently rank the most awe-inspiring as: the iPhone®, iPad®, MacBook Air®, iPod®, iMac®, Mac®, and the original Apple® computer.

Reason Number 3: Apple regularly cracks top 10 lists lauding consumer products of all types, not just those in the technology category. Time magazine, for example, notes that the iPad® is the fifth most popular product of all time. To appreciate the significance of this ranking, it helps to consider the top four contenders on this list: PlayStation, Lipitor (prescribed to lower bad cholesterol), the Toyota Corolla, and the Star Wars movies.

Embrace Apple Refreshing, the Experimac Way

With even more reasons to be an Apple believer, you can become an Experimac believer, too, when you make all of Apple’s phenomenally successful products part of your daily life and work. And you can be proud to offer Apple refreshment services the Expermac Way with:

  • Same-day service whenever possible
  • Next-day service when all else fails
  • A 90-day warranty on repairs
  • Personal consultations, with no appointments necessary

You just have to reach for the phone to call Experimac. Call now to find out how you can become part of an exciting industry and open an Experimac franchise of your own.


*The use of Apple® trademarks does not represent an affiliation with, or endorsement or sponsorship by Apple Inc. of Experimac, Experimac Franchising LLC or United Franchise Group. Apple®, Mac®, iPhone® and iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Each Experimac location is independently owned and operated.