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Five Reasons Why It Makes Sense & Dollars To Buy Into A Franchise

More than 60% of small to medium businesses close down after only two to three years in operation, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. — This is a terrifying statistic for Australians who want to start their own businesses. And as with any business start-up, there are always risks involved, no matter how confident you may feel about your product.

So, is there a sure way of becoming successful? The straight-up answer is “no”. However, there is good news. Going into a franchise industry and becoming a franchisee of a successful, well-known company holds a significantly lower risk than other kinds of start-ups.

experimac franchise opportunity

Here are FIVE REASONS why a franchise is the way to go:

1. Risk Mitigation

Choosing to buy a franchise limits the risks involved since the financial statements and records are available to you to study before you make an educated risk and delve into a business operation on your own. Having these papers to study is essential and highly beneficial. Starting your own company means no previous studies or records on the state of affairs. Experimax is a franchise in Australia and by using this strategy of risk mitigation we’ve seen great success compared with the many failing start-ups across the country.

2. Trusted Brand

Nothing makes a customer buy quicker than the element of trust. Trust is so important when it comes to human nature. If the brand is well-known and is of good repute, customers will tend to buy more from such a brand than from a new start up. That’s why buying into a franchise like Experimax, is the smoothest way to ensure you have a ready supply of customers who know your brand already.

3. Set-up Assistance

When you start your own business, you have no support except that of your own hard work. But with a franchise, your own efforts are much less, and supported by our already successful business model and infrastructure. The entire set-up of shop is completely supported, from the smallest element of business to the signage and the attainment of stock. There is also ongoing training and support available so that you, as a franchisee, can feel confident going forward. Experimax Franchise can afford such support since, as a franchisee themselves, they know the value this brings to a business and the chance it gives that business of success.

4. Business Forecast

It is impossible to have a business forecast if your business is a start-up. Of course, good business people will endeavour to forecast profits to the best of their abilities and experience, but, as the study has shown, almost two-thirds of all Australian start-ups shut down in fewer than two or three years. — However, and this is important to note, buying into a franchise offers you a business forecast upon which you can rely more readily. The facts and figures will speak for themselves, and with such graphs, you can be your own forecaster of what your business, as a new franchisee, will deliver.

5. Recruitment

Staff are people. And with people come particular issues every business must face, irrespective of it being a franchise or a start-up. However, buying into a franchise has the unique benefit of understanding the type of staff you will employ, which will give you a head-start with regard to your management style. Moreover, and more importantly, as a franchisee you will have the chance to receive referrals, transfers and advice from the franchise itself. This makes finding the right people, with the right qualifications, easier and far more streamlined than any start-up business.

Generally, setting up a business, as mentioned, is typically a stressful endeavour, and the many aspects of which you may not have considered before engaging in starting your own business will indubitably crop up—things such as payroll management, procurement, taxes, stock management, warehouse liaising, etc., etc. For this reason, since we are a franchisee also, we at Experimax strongly recommend procuring a franchise. If you want some advice, visit our website.

Still on the Fence About Franchising? We Can Help Tip the Balance

We know that starting a franchise can seem like a big leap, and rightfully so. In fact, we encourage all our potential franchisees to do all the research they feel necessary to allow them to join the Experimax family with peace of mind that their investment will pay off.

That being said, if you’re still on the fence about starting a franchise, we have some compelling reasons why you should consider Experimax:

Our Success Is Proven

Experimax prides itself on constantly conducting market research and forecasting, ensuring that our business approach is always at the forefront of the market’s behaviour and changes. In this case, we know that there is a huge need in Australia for the repair and support of pre-owned Apple® devices, and also that there are few other stores out there that provide the excellent customer service and attention to detail that Experimax does.

starting a franchise

You Can Expect a Larger and Faster ROI

Seeing as the Apple® brand is so popular, and the need for repairs so high, it’s almost guaranteed that you may expect to see a return on your franchise investment much sooner than with other franchise businesses. This means that by joining the Experimax family, you’re joining a business model that is proven, and you’ll be supplying goods and services that people have a real need for.

You Join a Family

We understand that the reason most franchisees move away from ordinary day jobs is to experience more freedom, and take control of their financial and personal lives. To that end, we fully allow you to be your own boss, and provide the same freedom to your employees, which means that through your turnkey Experimax Franchise, you can provide a thriving atmosphere where everyone benefits.

All the Support You Need

You don’t have to be a tech guru either to join the Experimax family. We will provide you with all the necessary training you will need to successfully run your franchise, help you set up your store’s location, and provide post-setup support until you are ready to go at it alone. And even then, we’re still around.

If you are interested in joining Experimax, you can learn more on our website.

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Upgrade Your Business to Start an Experimax Franchise

If you find yourself in the technology repairs industry, and would love to still do what you love, but benefit from greater financial security and the support of an established business that’s committed to your success, you should consider upgrading your business and start an Experimax Franchise.

However, don’t just take our word for it. We believe in providing you with all the necessary information you would need to make the best possible choice for your future. So before you start, you should consider doing the following research:

Expo Meetings

Expo Meetings

The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) holds an annual franchising expo, where you can go to meet industry players, and find out more about the franchises in play in the country.

Talk to Industry Bodies

Speaking of the FCA, the council was founded with the aim of providing potential franchisees with all the information and training they would need to take on the franchising world. Take the time to talk to the council about your prospective franchise, and find out more about what you should consider before taking the first step. Knowledge is king. Do your research about how to upgrade your business.

Talk to Other Franchisees

One of the best ways to find out whether a particular franchise is a good fit for you, is to talk to existing franchisees, who will be more than happy to provide you with ground-floor information of what you can expect when starting out with Experimax, and what to consider before starting the processes. After all, they’ve walked the path before you and can be a valuable asset about what a great opportunity an Experimax franchise is.

Research Online

We don’t believe in hiding information about our business model, and at Experimax, we have found that our success speaks for itself. That’s why, to make doing research online fruitful, we provide you with all the necessary information you might need about us, or even what your next steps should be when you decide to join our family.

You are also more than welcome to talk to us about your expectations and problems you want addressed.

Now that you know what your next steps are, we look forward to hearing from you!

Upgrade your business today, and join the Experimax family.

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4 Great Reasons to Choose Experimax on Your Business Ownership Journey

The Australian franchise market is thriving. With so many different franchise businesses to choose from, deciding on a particular one can be downright overwhelming. Being an established franchise, we know all too well the common concerns of ambitious franchisees. We were once there ourselves. We hope the following reasons encourage you to turn your entrepreneurial desires into reality with an Experimax franchise.

Information Technology Franchise

1. Unlimited income opportunity

Apple Inc®. has built a firm reputation in technology innovation and is one of the world’s best loved brands in digital devices. The rapidly rising pre-owned Apple product market is supported by brand popularity and loyalty. No longer is an expensive price tag a deterrent to owning an Apple device. Experimax is uniquely positioned to satisfy the desire of the man on the street to own an iPhone or iPad. And as long as there is a digital product, there will always be the related need for a quality repair service. Read more about what an Experimax franchise can do for you here (Information Technology Franchise).

2. You do not need to be tech savvy to open up an Experimax store

While the cornerstone of what we do at Experimax relates to digital communication devices, specifically Apple, anyone can join the Experimax franchise. We provide all necessary tools, training and knowledge needed for success in this business. Don’t let what you don’t think you know stand in the way of what you could one day be!

3. Our business model focuses on all relevant factors that drive business success

We are in the franchise business to make every business dream a success. In order to bring about that success we pay particular attention to certain factors that promote business growth. These include offering a superb personalised customer experience that is second to none and offering a premium product at reasonable prices.

4. You don’t go it alone

We take pride in the level of training and ongoing support we offer our franchisees. We have an excellent support team ready to provide assistance from helping you choose the perfect spot for your Experimax franchise store to assistance in hiring staff.

Are you willing to take the next step and make your business dreams come true? Visit our website for more information. Hear what our franchisees have to say about our franchise opportunity on our testimonial page.

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