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3 Tips on Breaking Away from the Norm and Franchising

Are you considering opening an Experimax franchise of your own? Now is a great time to get started, the industry is booming! Opening a franchise is a great way to seize more control of your professional life, enjoy more flexibility than many corporate jobs can offer, and you’ll be working for yourself without all the hassles that go along with opening an independent small business. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your Experimax franchise.

Take advantage of the resources Experimax offers

One of the main advantages of franchising over running an independent business is the support you’ll enjoy from your franchisor. At Experimax, we offer fantastic support to our franchisees. Marketing support from our regional marketing team will help you to create targeted campaigns to draw in new customers. We conduct research and development to stay abreast of new technological advances that our franchisees can take advantage of. We also offer continuous online training through our intranet portal to help our franchisees stay on top of their game. These are just a few of the resources our franchisees have at their fingertips.

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Enjoy your newfound flexibility

If you’re excited about breaking away from the norm, chances are you’re used to following a rigorous schedule set by someone else. When you franchise with Experimax, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility that comes with running your own business. You’ll be able to set your own hours, hire your own staff, and decide for yourself when you’d like to be in the store and how you’ll delegate tasks. We think you’ll love running your own Experimax store!

Follow the policies and procedures that Experimax has developed

We’ve been in business for almost a decade, and in that time we’ve learned the dos and don’ts of running a tech repair and sales business. Take advantage of our experience by following the policies and procedures we’ve developed. They’re designed to save you the hassle of learning through trial and error.

These are just a few tips on how to make the most of your Experimax location when you break away from the norm and franchise with us! Reach out to us today to learn even more about opening your own Experimax.

How to Choose the Right Franchise for You

Choosing a franchisor is a big decision that should be made with great care. Not only will you be representing their brand, you’ll be expected to follow their procedures and work by their standards. If you’re looking to open your own cell phone or tablet repair franchise, we believe Experimax is a great choice. Here are some tips on how to identify which franchise is right for you.

What kind of support do they offer their franchisees?

If you’ve noticed that we at Experimax stress the importance of support, it’s because of how crucial a point it is for potential franchisees to consider. Some franchisors offer an initial training course, and then franchisees are essentially left to work on their own without further guidance. At Experimax, we believe that ongoing support is one of the most important benefits we offer. We understand that we only prosper when our franchisees grow their businesses, so we do our best to provide continued support even after your business opens its doors. Check out some of the support we’re proud to offer our franchisees here.

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What kind of reputation do they have?

When you choose a franchisor, their reputation becomes your reputation. In some cases, this may not be a good thing. Do some research on the company you’re considering franchising with. Do they have positive customer testimonials? Understanding how your franchisor is perceived is vital to the growth of your franchise. At Experimax, we’ve built up a strong reputation that benefits our franchisees. But don’t take our word for it, check out what they have to say.

How transparent are they with you?

Some franchisors can be slow to give out information on their business, and can be murky when it comes to the details. This kind of ambiguity can sometimes lead to unpleasant surprises for franchisees in the form of hidden fees, unexpected costs, and more. At Experimax we do our best to be transparent with our franchisees, posting much of the information on our franchise experience on our website and blog. We’ve tried to make the franchising process simple, with as much room for you to ask questions as possible.

These are just a few pointers on choosing a franchisor who will help you to grow your business.  If you’re ready to look into franchising with Experimax, reach out to us today for more information.

Say Goodbye to Your Dead-End Job and Invest in a Franchise

Working in a stifling corporate environment can have many people feeling dissatisfied. For some, this career dead-end is an opportunity to quit the corporate life and open their own franchise!

Starting a franchise can be a transition toward freedom that allows formerly frustrated corporate employees to finally be their own bosses.  For instance, Experimax franchisees enjoy the freedom to make decisions such as when they’d like to work, who they’d like to hire, and more! Another advantage working with Experimax is that our business model is time-tested, and our business is well-established in the market.

Although franchising comes with many benefits, you must examine a variety of factors when preparing to become a franchise owner. For instance, your expertise, financial background and ambition to venture into something new. Keep reading for some tips on preparing yourself to become a franchise owner.

Take the Time to Research

Researching the franchise of your choice is a crucial step of the process. You should dig deep not only into the industry background and the brand’s history, but also the needs of your prospective customers. Time and patience are your initial investments in franchising. Don’t worry – when you stumble upon the right opportunity, you will have plenty of assistance and support to further things along.

Educate Yourself

Many franchise opportunities include comprehensive training and support, it always helps to maximise the resources . Consider enrolling in short courses for franchise newcomers. These will deepen and expand your understanding of franchises, the rewards and risks involved, and will be your first steps towards becoming a confident franchise owner.

franchise opportunitiesPrepare for the Expenses

Franchising has led many entrepreneurs to financial freedom, but you won’t arrive at your own goals without a strong financial footing to stand on. The initial investment has the potential to lead to greater financial independence and personal freedom, especially if you are prepared. As the saying goes, you need to spend money to make money!

What to Expect as a Franchisee

When you become a franchisee, expect several advantages. The biggest and most attractive benefit of all is that you don’t need to start from scratch to build your business. Franchisors already have an established business model that their current and future franchise partners can follow. Importantly they marketing strategies in place to help their franchisees promote their business to the right audience.

Another benefit of franchising with a company like Experimax is the comprehensive training and support you will receive. During the training phase, you will learn the fundamental concepts in your chosen franchise industry. You will have the opportunity to ask fellow franchise owners about matters in franchise management and success.

Opening an Experimax Franchise

If you are interested in investing in a computer franchise, you’ve come to the right place. Experimax offers you the opportunity to open a computer franchise that specialises in the buy, sell, trade and repair of pre-owned electronic devices. By working with Experimax, you will be following a time-tested business model that is perfectly poised to capitalised on the booming computer industry.

Call 1 300 218 674 or request for more information to learn more about our franchising with Experimax today!

Discover a $300 Billion Dollar Industry At Your Fingertips

Every business is measured by its hold in the market, by its sales—and we, at Experimax, think in the same way: we use numbers to show prospective business-minded people the advantages of working with a well-known information technology franchise brand. After all, numbers don’t lie.


Technology has that propensity to show booming sales at exponential rates compared to other products or services because the changes, advancements, and improvements in technology have a significant impact on the trajectory of technologically-related products.

Experimax is directly involved in the technology field, offering customers a wide range of products as well as repair-related services in the industry, including iPhone screen repair. In 2014, 302 million computers were sold worldwide, which generated in the region of more than $300 billion.

In addition, Apple reported its sales for 2015 to be more than 230 billion US dollars—and since Experimax works almost exclusively with Apple products, the potential for repairs and sales in the Australian market is gigantic.


Our vast experience has shown that having an Apple-product service offering as our main focus is greatly beneficial since the product offers customers a wide range of options from which to select. However, above all this, is the durability of the Apple product. The value for these products is universally respected to be one of a higher standing, and customers are well-pleased with the product.

However, not all Apple-lovers can afford the products. That’s why Experimax is so helpful to Australians whose budgets don’t always stretch to include the purchasing of new Apple products. Experimax sells Apple products at a significantly reduced price to what customers may find at shopping centres or competing stores.

This year, Apple Store was recommended as the most valuable technology brand worldwide.

More advantages

Selling used products has a benefit that most people may not have considered. However, when you think about it, and you study the numbers, you may come to the same conclusion all those at Experimax have; that is, there is a considerably wider pool of consumers who can afford to buy used products than there are who can purchase brand-new ones.

Moreover, with the repair option we offer on our Apple products, such as the iPhone screen repair, it makes sense for customers to purchase Apple products from Experimax, since the experience, knowledge, expertise, and specialised-interest in Apple are aspects that give Experimax that trusted name upon which Australian consumers can rely.

Experimax has a strong standing as a well-known brand in its own right across Australia. For this reason, buying into a franchise would doubtless be an investment worth considering, especially since the rate of technological reliance is booming and booming. Contact Experimax for more information on 1300 218 674 or email us.

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This Is Why Testimonials Are More Important Than You Think

If you merely consider human nature, you may not be surprised that our social behaviour is intrinsically determined by the behaviours of others, the word-of-mouth and the reporting of others.

With this in mind, business and sales cannot ignore this nature of the buyer: and for this reason, Australian franchise company, Experimax Franchise reviews are taken seriously and have even been placed directly on the website.

  • Why are testimonials vital?

Although you may not have thought of this as a “business necessity”, it is actually quite a vital part of business. Ninety-four percent of businesses reported that testimonials are “extremely effective” according to a recent study.

Also, 78% of people in an online survey reported that they rely on online reviews before making purchases. This makes reviews particularly vital; and as Experimax franchise reviews have helped prospective franchisees become franchisees, you should consider including testimonials in your business plan and operation.

  • How do Experimax franchise reviews measure up?

Have a look at the Experimax franchise review two-minute video below, and judge for yourself its impact.

Also, on Experimax’s website, you will be able to read testimonials from real Experimax franchisees. The reviews are so important, as you can find out for yourself how the use of a franchise has made effective changes in their lives and has transformed their way of thinking about business.

Also, there is a vast number of franchisees across Australia who have found the benefit of a franchise particularly helpful since it has enabled them to break free from the constrictions they imagined starting a business would entail.

Having reviews such as Experimax Franchise reviews available offers potential franchisees the opportunity to read what owning a business like Experimax is all about and how it has benefited their business operations.

For more information, make the call, call 1300 218 674 today, and find out more about Experimax franchise reviews and more. — Following the advice and recommendations of others will help you take the next step into becoming an owner yourself of a well-established, well-known enterprise, joining the supportive franchise industry.

Do You Know Our Story? Find Out How Experimax Rose to the Top

We have been asked on many occasions where and how Experimax came to be, and what the reasons for our success are. It also makes sense to ask about our origins, especially if you are thinking about joining the Experimax family.

Where We Started

Experimax had a humble start in a garage, just like many other globally successful businesses. Jim Muir, the founder of Experimax, wanted to offer customers cutting edge technology at affordable rates. His business idea quickly became a huge success, and he opened his first Experimax store in West Palm Beach, Florida. Just like his garage venture, the store quickly became successful, and Jim asked his sons to join him, in order to be able to offer their excellent service to all their customers.

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How We Went Global

The West Palm Beach store went from strength to strength over the years, and Jim decided to open up the opportunity of enjoying Experimax success by franchising his business. He asked Ray Titus, CEO and founder of the United Franchise Group, to help make Experimax’s franchise move a success.

Our Global Success

The move to franchising was a huge success. The first franchise location began earning more than a million US dollars, and while new franchise owners should not expect the exact same success outright, the Experimax business model has proven time and time again that franchisees have experienced higher profits than from other business models or franchise opportunities.

Your Success with Experimax

We realised early on that the success of our franchisees means success for the franchise as a whole. Which is why we provide excellent industry training for all potential franchisees, provide support via regional offices, assistance with offline and online marketing, advantages through mass purchasing power and many other advantages. All these benefits have led to a turnkey franchising opportunity like no other.

If you feel that you would want to find out more about adding your own chapter to the Experimax success story, or just want to find out more about how you can become a franchisee, you can fill out our online form, or contact us at your earliest convenience.

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