More entrepreneurs are investing in franchises than ever before, and there are a lot of reasons why. With hundreds of thousands of opportunities across the nation, there seems to be many more advantages to opening a franchise than opening a small business. For example, opening a computer repair shop is far more likely to fail than opening an Experimac computer repair franchise. Franchises are the new entrepreneurial dream, and here is why computer repair franchises, in particular, doing phenomenally.

Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

The technology industry currently rests at over $300 billion and is only expected to grow astronomically as technology continues to advance. As technology continues to advance, however, it doesn’t mean that potential customers are continuing to advance with it.

Most people cannot always afford the next greatest computer or smart phone that comes on the market. People search for something durable and affordable, and when weighing the cost and time to buy a new one against how much a repair costs, the repair usually wins. Computer repair franchises see immense popularity and growth as the demand for technology grows because people want to keep their existing devices as long as possible to avoid the hassle of investing in a new one.

Brand Recognition

When investing in a computer repair franchise, it is important to choose a well-known brand that will attract customers to your store. Brands like Experimac are known nationwide, and Experimac is part of United Franchise Group, which is a company dedicated to unifying and improving franchise brands. By investing in a brand like Experimac, you know you will have all the tools you need to draw in customers.

Training and Support

In the technology industry, it is important that franchisees are well-equipped with the knowledge and the tools they need to own and operate their businesses. If you choose to open your own computer repair shop, you do not have access to any training or support. It is just you and any prior skills you had before you opened.

However, with Experimac, franchisees come in with a wide variety of knowledge about computer repairs. Several don’t have any experience at all prior to joining the Experimac team. Experience is not required for an Experimac franchisee because of the intensive two-week training that all franchisees go through to prepare them with everything they need to know about the industry. After the training, franchisees have access to unlimited support for any questions they may have.

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