Computer, smartphone, and other personal electronic device ownership has exploded across the United States and the global market. Consider the rapid growth of computer sales alone in the last several decades:

  • 2,000 units shipped in 1960
  • 900,000 units shipped in 1980
  • 7 million units shipped in 1990
  • 15 million+ units shipped in 2003
  • 65 million units shipped per quarter in 2015

That’s an incredible ramp up for any product! But with computers, it’s even more surprising given their cost and intricate components. It should thus come as no surprise that with this massive increase in computer purchases there has been a similar increase in the demand for computer repair services.

That’s because while many of these shipped computers are for personal use, just as many, if not more, are for work purposes. Every company that utilizes computers needs to ensure that its systems are operating reliably. In addition, if a problem arises, companies need a service they can depend on for fast, reliable computer repair services.

The Computer Maintenance and Computer Repair Industry

In 2010, there were an estimated 550,000 Americans employed in the computer maintenance and computer repair industry sector. By 2014, that number had grown to over 750,000 and is expected to continue to grow at rates faster than other employment sectors.

This career and business can be ideal for those who enjoy working independently or with a small group of dedicated professionals. That’s because over 70% of people in the industry work in computer maintenance and repair businesses comprised of 5 or fewer people, and another 20% work for businesses with 20 or fewer people.

The computer maintenance and computer repair industry was one of the few industries within the United States that weathered this recent economic recession successfully. That’s because consumers who were cutting back on new purchases were more likely to get their current computer repaired.

However, that doesn’t mean that the industry is shrinking as the economy improves; with increased electronic purchases comes increased demand. This has led many in the industry to focus on specialized niches to meet the needs of consumers in their area. Such niches of the industry include:

  • General hardware repair
  • Virus removal and data security updates and upgrades
  • Data recovery and secure data deletion/removal
  • Computer and systematic upgrades
  • Repair services in health industry–specific fields such as high-tech surgical and dental equipment
  • Cell phone repair

Cell Phone Repair

A note about this last specialization: cell phone repair. Cell phone repair is an extremely important niche; the company SquareTrade estimates that a cell phone is broken every two seconds in the United States. This study found that 30% of cell phone owners will damage their phone within the next twelve months and that 10% are currently using a phone with a cracked or otherwise damaged screen.

This has led to a huge boom in cell phone repair businesses in conjunction with computer repairs. Cell phone repairs are not limited to cracked screens—they include fixing charge parts, addressing battery issues, replacing headphone jacks, and solving other problems. Often, these services are ideal for businesses within the computer repair industry due to low inventory costs because service time and fees are the primary cost for the consumer.

And as smartphones, computers, and similar devices are updated and replaced by new technology, those in this industry will have have more to repair. The computer repair industry has nothing but good prospects on the horizon. Request more information at Experimac to learn more.

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