Considering becoming an Experimax Franchisee? Here’s What You Need to Know

Experimax is a unique franchising concept that specialises in the servicing and sale of Apple products. This turnkey investment gives franchisees the opportunity to serve Australians looking for high-tech solutions at affordable prices. If you’re considering owning an Experimax franchise, here are just some of the things you might want to know about Experimax:

Experimax is backed by the United Franchise Group

The United Franchise Group (UFG) is a global organisation of award-winning franchise brands. They carefully select franchises that can be members of the group and offer franchise development services. As Experimax is a member of UFG, we are able to provide our franchisees over a generation of international business experience.Business people discussing

Experimax is a Fast Growing Franchise

Entrepreneur magazine states that Experimax has shown nearly 4000 % growth over the last three years. Having multiple revenue streams (e.g. sell pre-owned Apple products and repair devices) and thanks to Apple customers’ brand loyalty, an Experimax franchisee can expect that the brand will continue to grow.

Experimax Franchisees are trained to be Industry Experts

Experimax provides its franchisees with world class training and support. Our franchisees undergo an initial two-week training held at our global headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. Afterwards, franchisees are given one-on-one training at their actual franchise location. The training helps franchisees on store site selection, staff hiring and training, marketing and advertising and more.

Learning with Experimax does not end there. We continuously provide our franchises with training and support with our regional meetings and other Experimax franchisee gathering. We also have a support staff at our regional office.

Experimax is without a doubt, a proven business franchise. With the number of Australians who use Apple products, an Experimax franchisee will never run out of customers. To find out more about Experimax, fill out our form and you’ll hear from one of our representatives soon.