Discover a $300 Billion Dollar Industry At Your Fingertips

Every business is measured by its hold in the market, by its sales—and we, at Experimax, think in the same way: we use numbers to show prospective business-minded people the advantages of working with a well-known information technology franchise brand. After all, numbers don’t lie.


Technology has that propensity to show booming sales at exponential rates compared to other products or services because the changes, advancements, and improvements in technology have a significant impact on the trajectory of technologically-related products.

Experimax is directly involved in the technology field, offering customers a wide range of products as well as repair-related services in the industry, including iPhone screen repair. In 2014, 302 million computers were sold worldwide, which generated in the region of more than $300 billion.

In addition, Apple reported its sales for 2015 to be more than 230 billion US dollars—and since Experimax works almost exclusively with Apple products, the potential for repairs and sales in the Australian market is gigantic.


Our vast experience has shown that having an Apple-product service offering as our main focus is greatly beneficial since the product offers customers a wide range of options from which to select. However, above all this, is the durability of the Apple product. The value for these products is universally respected to be one of a higher standing, and customers are well-pleased with the product.

However, not all Apple-lovers can afford the products. That’s why Experimax is so helpful to Australians whose budgets don’t always stretch to include the purchasing of new Apple products. Experimax sells Apple products at a significantly reduced price to what customers may find at shopping centres or competing stores.

This year, Apple Store was recommended as the most valuable technology brand worldwide.

More advantages

Selling used products has a benefit that most people may not have considered. However, when you think about it, and you study the numbers, you may come to the same conclusion all those at Experimax have; that is, there is a considerably wider pool of consumers who can afford to buy used products than there are who can purchase brand-new ones.

Moreover, with the repair option we offer on our Apple products, such as the iPhone screen repair, it makes sense for customers to purchase Apple products from Experimax, since the experience, knowledge, expertise, and specialised-interest in Apple are aspects that give Experimax that trusted name upon which Australian consumers can rely.

Experimax has a strong standing as a well-known brand in its own right across Australia. For this reason, buying into a franchise would doubtless be an investment worth considering, especially since the rate of technological reliance is booming and booming. Contact Experimax for more information on 1300 218 674 or email us.

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