Discover a AU$300 Billion Industry Right at Your Fingertips. iPhone repairs!

 Never before has owning a successful franchise business been made so easy. With the exponential growth in technological devices – and this rate is only guaranteed to rise as society becomes more and more reliant on digital technology – offering sales and repair services for mobile devices and other digital products in Australia is a solid business investment plan. And Experimax has a proven business model of supporting and sustaining its franchisees in exactly this industry that places this billion-dollar industry well within your reach.

Iphone Repair Franchise

The Apple Inc.®brand is a world leader in high-end gadgets with its devices being one of the most sought after worldwide. Such is the popularity of Apple that even pre-owned devices are highly attractive to consumers, evident in the huge demand for them. The ongoing popularity of the Apple brand and its massive customer base are just two solid factors that heighten the appeal of starting an Experimax franchise.

Pre-owned Apple products are good for business

Price, price, price.

New Apple products are premium and expensive, that’s no secret. The dramatic reduction in price of a pre-owned Apple device however means that more people can afford to buy the brand, more people that will eventually need repairs and support.

It is not just the sales services in pre-owned Apple digital devices that make good business sense though. Experimax has built into its unique forward-thinking business model an after-sales repair service, such as iPhone screen repair, which remains one of the main tech needs in modern digital devices.

You point out someone who owns a large LED screen Smartphone who has never cracked, scratched or damaged the screen, and we’ll show you an internet connection that has never gone down. They don’t exist! And it’s this never-ending market of damaged screens that you as an Experimax franchisee will get to cater to…endlessly.

The unlimited potential in revenue is supported by Experimax’s focus on building customer loyalty through a highly personalised service, quality products and services and fostering long lasting relationships.

Discover how you can carve out a piece for yourself in this booming billion-dollar industry of Apple product repairs. Find more information on a successful franchise opportunity with Experimax here.

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