Everything You Need to Know About Investing with Experimax

Owning a franchise can be one of the best financial decisions you ever make.If you franchise with Experimax, you start your journey with a wealth of training and support that is guaranteed to jumpstart your franchising success.

Choosing Experimax

At Experimax Franchise we believe in providing our potential franchisees with all the information and assets they need to succeed. That also means that we are entirely upfront about the investment, costs and fees you should expect when joining us.

After we’ve taken you through the preliminary stages of becoming a franchisee, you will pay a Franchise Fee, which is only due after signing the Franchising agreement.

Welcome aboard

A major part of our business objective is not just selling franchises, but enabling our franchisees to become industry experts, which helps ensure their success, and also makes them the go-to business in their area. We realise this goal time and again by providing all our new franchisees with all the training and support they need to help ensure that they succeed.

World class training and support

The training is undertaken at our global headquarters in West Palm Beach in Florida, and takes place as a two-week training programme, which is one of the most intensive in the franchising industry. After this session, franchisees are also provided with one-on-one training at their new location.

The Experimax location guidance and training includes:

  • Advice on store site selection
  • Assistance for your store build out and setup
  • Lease negotiation help
  • Aid with training and hiring staff
  • Assistance with marketing and advertising
  • Financial assistance, as needed

And our support does not stop there. As soon as your new location is running smoothly, we continuously provide our franchisees with extensive support provided by our support staff at our corporate office, and in their local region.

Our continued engagement with our franchisees includes support in the form of:

  • Established vendor relationships and mass purchasing power
  • A private intranet with easy access to information
  • Continuous online training
  • Visits from our regional marketing staff
  • Benefitting from our continuous research on technological advancements
  • Regional meetings and franchisee group calls
  • Relationships fostered with other franchisees gained through the World Expo

If you need more information about Experimax, or want to find out how you can become one of our successful franchisees, fill out our form and we’ll be in touch soon!