Franchising is all about working within a system and capitalizing on what works. The franchise model also has the added benefit of being more financially predictable compared to sole proprietorship businesses.

When you open a business from scratch, you have to worry about everything from financing—and convincing investors of the merits of your idea—to understanding all of the ins and outs of space leasing, equipment rentals, and an independent marketing budget.

Working for Experimac solves a lot of these problems right out of the gate. Your franchise agreement will provide all the specifics about how Experimac can help reduce your costs in the future with this great franchise opportunity.

The Numbers Are on Your Side

Experimac offers you a number of revenue streams. Since you can buy, sell, trade, and repair Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones, you’ll never have to worry about running out of customers. In fact, in 2014, more than a quarter-billion computers were sold globally, which amounted to about $300 billion in sales revenue.

Part of the reason that the industry is booming right now is because Apple products tend to really hold their value. Industry insiders have found that iPhones, for instance, are worth about twice as much as Samsung smartphones years down the line.

A higher resale value means that you can earn more by buying Apple products from your customers—and your customers, in turn, can get more by upgrading.

One reason for this is that Apple customers have historically been some of the most loyal. Brand loyalty has played a huge role in Apple’s success worldwide, according to Forbes. Apple fans love the intuitiveness of their devices, as well as having an emotional connection to the brand that’s hard to break.

Experimac’s Turnkey Franchise Opportunity

Franchising offers a huge array of benefits over sole proprietorship, including: a proven business model, site selection help, economy of scale, financing help, brand recognition, and advertising assistance.

Part of having a proven business model means making it as easy as possible for new investors to come in. Experimac is no different in that respect. Experimac is a turnkey investment that has an extremely reasonable liquid capital requirement of $50,000.

Your Franchise Fee

Your franchise fee is another cost that will come into play when you open an Experimac location. It is due when you sign your franchise agreement since it covers things like pre-opening assistance and advice on leasing equipment.

So, what is a franchise fee and how much do you need to set aside? A franchise fee is a one-time payment that goes towards buying into Experimac’s name, trademarks, and operating practices.

The franchise fee also helps defray the cost of the intensive two-week training course you’ll receive before opening your own Experimac franchise location.

In addition to training at Experimac’s West Palm Beach Florida headquarters, you’ll receive ongoing help from an online educational portal and the United Franchise Group (all included in the franchise fee!).

Investment, Royalties, and Advertising Fund

Payroll expenses, supplies, and the costs associated with finding real estate for your Experimac location can all vary but are considered part of your overall investment. Your investment cost—depending on your area and number of employees—can be as low as $136,000.

Your royalty fees will be 6% of gross sales revenue and you can be expected to pay $500 for a national advertising fund as well. These are extremely reasonable costs considering the advertising and marketing resources the United Franchise Group puts at your disposal. Request more information from Experimac to learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity!