Everyone wants the latest, trendiest technology from the brand names they love. But not everyone wants (or is able) to pay for them. The same goes for the repairs that come with these products. That’s why a niche franchise like Experimac is such a major player in the industry – we’re an innovative electronics store franchise that focuses on refurbishing existing products and reselling used ones.

Here’s how we make it work and what makes Experimac unique.

Multiple Revenue Streams

At Experimac, you’re essentially running several businesses under one roof, as far as your revenue is concerned. With diversified interests, our franchise model means your Experimac unit is:

  • A cellphone repair franchise
  • A computer repair franchise
  • A technology accessories and upgrades franchise
  • A refurbished technology resale franchise

Most electronics franchises specialize in just one or some of those areas. By doing all of it, we’ve become a trusted one-stop shop for our customers, and are the business they remember and return to as necessary. We sell the product, repair it, give them accessories for it, buy it back, and sell them an upgraded version, meaning repeat business is part of our foundation.

Brand Names You Love

The products we sell are top-of-the-line products that consumers want. That means the leading PC, tablet, and smartphone carriers are all companies whose products we service in every area from sales to repairs.

Plus, we specialize in iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets, MacBook® laptops, iMac® computers, and their corresponding gear and accessories. And while it’s certainly not the sole area of our focus, our expertise with those extremely popular and trendy products makes us a go-to, reliable source for service.

We pride ourselves on being able trusted carriers and repairmen for the brand names that our customers are loyal to.

Capitalizing on Value

Because we focus on the cutting edge products people want and excellent restoration, the products we fix and sell typically have a very high resale value.

In our experience, many popular refurbished devices sell for up to 70% of their original retail value, which means you’ll still be making a bang for your buck in each of your sales – in partial thanks to the brand name people know, trust, and desire.

And while the reduced prices are still somewhat expensive, compared to the original retail value, we offer a significant discount against market prices that will wow your customers and leave them coming back for more.

If you’re interested in learning more about our innovative refurbished electronics store franchise, contact us today to speak with a representative.