We’ve all walked through the mall, passing kiosk after kiosk of “tech repair,” “phone repair,” or “iPhone screen repair” businesses. Most of us are hesitant, and while the affordable prices draw us in, we typically keep on walking toward a business with an actual storefront.

But what if we didn’t have to? With Experimac, you don’t.

Backed by the power of United Franchise Group, Experimac has taken that same concept and backed it with the passion and expertise required to create an iPhone repair franchise.

More Than an iPhone Repair Company

Experimac opened its first store in 2012, partnered with UFG in 2014, and now has over 50 stores open and has sold an additional 50 in the works.

We focus on technology resale, which also includes our repair business. Specifically, our main point of emphasis is on brand products.

While we do repair laptops, phones, and tablets, we also provide other services, such as:

  • Sales of pre-owned products
  • Trade-ins of existing devices
  • Sales of accessories and upgrades

A Unique Franchise Opportunity

By investing in Experimac, you’re investing in a proven track record of success that you can’t get by opening your own business and becoming your own boss.

We’re more than just an iPhone screen repair franchise or a phone repair franchise. With diversified interests, our business model offers multiple different revenues streams, meaning your Experimac unit is like multiple stores rolled into one:

  • A cellphone repair franchise
  • A computer repair franchise
  • A technology accessories and upgrades franchise
  • A refurbished technology resale franchise

In our experience, refurbished devices sell for up to 70% of their original retail value, which means you’ll still be making large quantities of many in each of your sales with a brand name people know, trust, and desire.

Why Experimac

In addition to the proven business record, you’ll also get added training and support you can’t get when opening a business on your own.

We want you to dive right into your community and make an impact, so you’ll come to our global headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida for two weeks of training, followed by one-on-one training in your store to ensure that you have the business, marketing, and technical expertise needed to thrive.

Plus, we continue to train and support you, keeping you up with the latest industry changes and trends through our online training portal and other opportunities, such as regional meetings, brand conventions, and leadership summits.

It’s all part of our promise as part of United Franchise Group. We want you to succeed.

Additionally, Experimac does offer some financing options through a third party, but franchising in general typically makes financing easier whether you’re working with our financing partners or not. By having a proven track record of success and a detailed business plan with a financial history and projections based on past performance, it’s easy to show lenders why you’re a worthwhile investment.

Simplifying the Franchise Process