The closest Apple Store to Fredericksburg is 25 miles up the road in Woodbridge, and you’ll need an appointment to meet with their Genius Bar if you’re having problems with your Macbook or iPhone.

Lifelong friends Jeff Pradhan and Gabe Miccio were trying to fill that gap when they opened Experimac in Central Park.

“We offer the same type of support you’d get at an Apple Store, whether it’s iTunes or iCloud support, password help, data transfers, restoring devices,” Pradhan said.

Experimac also sells what Pradhan call “Certified Preowned” Apple products.

“This whole store is designed to piggyback off of Apple’s quality. We’ve got a nice showroom, the products are up for demo,” Pradhan said.


All of the preowned products have a one-year warranty. And Pradhan said that, while their products are described as used, many of them have barely been out of the box.

“Our company has a great supply chain, so we get a lot of display items or returned items that might have never been used,” Pradhan said.

The company also has new Mac and iOS accessories for sale.

Experimac’s technicians can tackle a deep level of repair. Miccio said, for instance, that they just replaced a logic board on a 2012 Macbook Air that had water damage. That sort of damage at an Apple store would have needed to be shipped away or resulted in a replacement device.

“We keep a large inventory of parts in stock, so we can fix it right here, Miccio said.

The store takes walk-in customers for repairs, and just like Apple’s Genius Bar, software fixes don’t cost anything.

“We only charge if we have to open up the device’s case to fix it,” Pradhan said.

Experimac also just started doing on-site technical support for Mac networking devices and other on-site problems.

The store also takes trade-ins or buys old Apple products.

Experimac is located behind the Krispy Kreme in Central Park, next to Qdoba.

Simplifying the Franchise Process