If you’ve got a head for technology and are interested in investing in your own business, you may want to forego starting a company from the ground up. Doing so can be a tough task considering the competition and the resources you’ll need just to keep your company afloat.

Instead, you should strongly consider investing in an established franchise, such as Experimac, which is a mobile phone repair business among other things. The following are a few reasons why you should consider investing in a mobile phone repair business—specifically, one of our Experimac franchises:

There’s a Need for Mobile Phone Repair Businesses

Not long ago, mobile phones were a luxury, but now they’re a necessity. Few people are without mobile phones in the United States. According to research released by the Pew Research Center this year, 95 percent of all Americans own cellphones, and 77 percent of Americans own smartphones. These numbers have been steadily growing year after year. Soon, almost every American will have a smartphone.

This means that mobile phone repair services have a huge customer base that will continue to grow. Smartphones aren’t inexpensive, which means that people who damage their smartphones will seek mobile phone repair services.

Apple Continues to Be One of the Most Popular Smartphone Manufacturers

At Experimac, we repair Apple® brand mobile phones, or iPhones®. Apple’s line of iPhones is incredibly popular. Apple is one of the top three smartphone manufacturers in the world, and it can be argued that the iPhone is the most popular type of smartphone. Whenever a new version is released, customers line up to be one of the first to purchase it—some even going so far as to camp out until the store opens.

As of July 2016, over one billion iPhones have been sold, and 13 different models have been released since its launch in 2007. There are an estimated 101 million iPhone users in the United States alone, making Apple’s share of smartphone usage in the United States and Canada 52.3 percent.

If you’re going to be in the mobile phone repair business, then cornering the Apple iPhone market isn’t a bad idea. Data from the end of 2014 suggests that Americans spent around $23.5 billion having their iPhones repaired—a large majority of these being cracked screen repairs.

You Don’t Need to Have In-Depth Knowledge about Mobile Phone Repairs

You might be thinking about investing in an Experimac franchise because you love technology in general and smartphones in particular. However, you don’t need this kind of knowledge to run an Experimac franchise. You can focus on management and marketing while hiring the right staff to handle repairs. Either way, Experimac will provide you with full training so that you will be prepared to run your franchise effectively.

Experimac Will Give You Full Support

Experimac provides full support to its owners from the beginning to the end. This means that in addition to receiving training and education concerning the mobile phone repair business, you’ll be given assistance with opening your store and the guidance and resources necessary to run your franchise effectively for the duration of your store’s lifespan.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to invest in a franchise, you should strongly consider the mobile phone repair industry. For more information about our mobile phone repair franchises, be sure to contact us at Experimac today.

Simplifying the Franchise Process