Starting your own cell phone repair business, opposed to opening a franchise, could mean some hefty costs and a lot of time dedicated to even remotely lifting it off the ground. When you start your own small business, it is sink or swim from the very first day, and it could be years before the business makes any money. One of the best things to do is explore alternatives to cover the costs of your business or investments in franchises such as Experimac.

If you are on a budget but want to start a cell phone repair business by franchising, here are some things you can do.


Whether you start a business from scratch or invest in a franchise, loans are a viable option to obtain the money quickly to invest in your cell phone repair business. However, loans are much easier to pay back in the long run when you invest in a franchise because with a recognized brand name and a turnkey investment like Experimac, earning the money back may be much easier than it is when you from scratch.


There are several opportunities for grants as well. Experimac does not offer any grant affiliations, but there are several that can be found online to help cover the costs of your dream business opportunity. They are usually from private companies who want to help people succeed with a franchise of their own.

Invest in a Franchise

By investing in a cell phone repair franchise such as Experimac, you are eliminating a lot of time-consuming tasks and costs that you would be faced with your own cell phone repair business. If you own your own business, you have to rely solely on your skills and knowledge about the industry and technology. With Experimac, you receive the training you will need to be a franchisee as well as ongoing support after to make sure all of your questions are answered.

A big issue with small businesses is getting the recognition they need to rise above competitors. When you invest in an Experimac, you know you have a brand name that customers know and trust. In addition, Experimac has developed target markets, which are areas that have been strategically determined to be a great place to open a franchise. When searching for ways to start a cell phone repair business on a budget, franchises like Experimac are an excellent alternative to follow your passion without breaking the bank.

An Experimac franchise may be the perfect alternative if you want to start a cell phone repair business on a budget. For more information about franchising with Experimac, check out our resource library or reach out to us!