Computer glitches and software issues can happen to anyone. And doesn’t it seem that these issues always crop up when you’re knee deep in a project (due tomorrow!) and haven’t saved your work because you have ten different things on your mind?

As new tablets and smartphones flood the market, an increasing number of people need help setting up their devices, installing software, and networking their devices.

Keeping up with all the changes can be challenging. The good news if you’re a computer sales and repair business, though, is that the tablet and smartphone market is characterized by a huge consumer demand, a large and resilient target market, and high product turnover from year to year.

Starting a Computer Repair Franchise Legally and Reaping the Benefits

You might be reading this and thinking that this all sounds great. You might also be thinking that running your own computer repair franchise location would require a technology background or hundreds of hours of expensive training.

In reality, the former—your previous professional experience—need not be in technology, computer repair, or computer literacy training.

Coming at a computer repair franchise without previous experience can be an asset since you’ll receive training and support at Experimac. Really connecting with your customers will also probably entail explaining technical issues in a non-technical way that everyone can understand.

Experimac is a turnkey investment in which your franchise fee and liquidity requirements are completely stable, which takes out the uncertainty of going it alone and wondering whether you have the training, financials, marketing and advertising, and track record to make it happen.

Take the Uncertainty Out of Investing

Let’s say you were to open your own computer repair business in a few months. You would probably need to decide what kinds of products you wanted to repair and potentially resell, what that resale value would be, and what kinds of licensure you would need moving forward.

If going it alone, you would also need to keep up to speed on tech changes and fresh product iterations since you might be expected to configure these devices.

In addition to all that, private ownership might require you to investigate and pursue licensure and ensure that your location was legally able to perform the services that you were advertising. Add liability insurance and bonding on top of that, and you can start to see why more investors are choosing the franchise model.

Multiple Revenue Streams: Reselling and Repairing Apple® Products

A computer repair franchise like Experimac streamlines licensure, training, insurance, site selection, and the core product for you so that you can hit the ground running and put your time to the best use.

Instead of worrying about things like startup financing, insurance, and licensing, you can focus on reselling devices and repairing Apple® products from day one.

Compared to your average retail store or computer repair business, you’ll have many more income opportunities at your disposal when you’re standing at the helm of your own computer repair franchise.

You’ll be given the training and support to repair, buy, resell, and cross-sell or upsell things like Apple® cords and various accessories that might come in handy for your customers.

Experimac is already operating in a booming market with high-value products, multiple revenue streams, and all of the legal details taken care of. Are you in?

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