Smart investors are always on the hunt for new industries and lines of trades that promise to become huge hits. The iPhone repair business is a great example of such an industry.

With every passing day, more and more iPhones and other smartphones are sold. These sales range from adolescents getting their first phone to seniors making their third upgrade. But the one thing each of these smart devices has in common is their fragility.

Globally, 50 percent of smartphone owners have experienced a cracked screen, with estimating that nearly one out of every three Americans damage their iPhone every year. While that may be sad news for phone owners, it’s great news for those interested in the iPhone repair business.

An industry report by IBISWorld has determined that this is a $1.4 billion sector that’s still in its infancy. Meaning, there’s not enough iPhone and other smart device repair companies out there to serve everyone, with plenty of municipalities lacking repair shops altogether.

Why wouldn’t people get their iPhones repaired by Apple?

This is one of the leading questions people have when first considering iPhone repair opportunities. The fact is that even for device owners who have warranties, and are even prompted by repair shop owners to check in with Apple, they want the immediacy only repair companies can provide. They don’t want to wait in the long lines of Apple stores, nor do they want to have to send into the company for their processed repair service or receive a refurbished phone replacement.

Typically, repair stores with a full technician staff are able to fix phones well within an hour, often in as little as 10 or 15 minutes, a notable difference in service.

iPhone repair services have an easy-to-replicate business plan ideal for investors

When people ask for advice about what to look for in a franchising system, one of the first qualities we mention is about whether that business is easy to replicate. Cell phone repair businesses are an excellent example of what we mean by that. Any smart investor can come in and take this service to most any region in the country and enjoy similar results as the original franchisor among a range of customers.

This is one of those industries that doesn’t require significant research or technical know-how. Even if you or your staff enter this profession with limited (or no) knowledge of iPhone and other smart-device repair, easy-to-read and detailed information can be readily had via franchise support. Franchisor corporate offices have the tools and experience to provide full training and support materials to assist your team in quickly becoming the neighborhood tech gurus.

Working with a franchisor already in the smartphone and device repair business can assist you even more readily in creating a solid business plan, finding the right tools and supply chain, drafting a cohesive training program and much more. In addition to the repair service itself, iPhone repair businesses can also earn income via merchandising and the sale of refurbished phones, pre-owned computers, phone accessories and other projects.

Get in with a growing industry

If you’re interested in learning more about entering the iPhone and other smart phone repair business — which is a growing industry, and will be one for quite some time — then contact us at Experimac today. Ours is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to the smart phone repair industry.

We’ve perfected the business so that investors and franchisees can easily replicate our business and receive a head start into the industry. Don’t wait any longer. If you want to make money with an iPhone repair business, contact us!