Just like you need the right ingredients before you can create a delicious soup for guests to enjoy, there are a few essential ingredients that you need in place for overseeing a successful computer business franchise.

Fortunately, you don’t have to brainstorm the ingredients that make a great franchise—Forbes has the answers. It lists a few critical ingredients for a booming franchise: the right business model, scale (i.e., economies of scale), scope, location, and market saturation.

Amazing Scouts, Area Developers, Site Setup, and Promising Franchise Locations

A store’s selection and service are irrelevant if nobody shops there . . . and the same goes for franchise locations.

That’s why Experimac has pinpointed promising target markets all around the country engineered to give you a steady pipeline of new customers, peer support networks, and marketing resources.

A Solid System and Reliable Business Model

It’s no coincidence that the first item on Forbes magazine’s list of things that make a successful franchise is the right business model.

A franchise’s ability to deploy effective training, provide ongoing support, scale up on demand, and tap into nationwide marketing and advertising networks is critical for growth in the near, medium, and long term.

As an Experimac franchisee, you’ll receive two weeks of initial training at the United Franchise Group’s global headquarters to give you a full understanding of Experimac’s system.

This includes learning more about: establishing and maintaining vendor relationships; learning the ins and outs of a proprietary training portal for you and your staff members; learning how Experimac’s regional marketing staff can improve your outreach; and developing an effective lease negotiation strategy.

A Strong Value Proposition to Attract Customers

Having a value proposition that resonates with customers strengthens all of the other components of a successful franchise. Essentially, a value proposition is the marketing statement (a.k.a., your pitch) that tells a customer that your products are going to outperform the competition and offer more value.

The fact that Experimac has opened more than 37 new franchise locations over the last year alone is a testament to Experimac’s strong value proposition with loyal customers coast to coast.

You: A Dedicated, Hardworking Franchisee!

The ideal computer business franchisee brings a great work ethic, systems orientation, charisma and people skills, and the ability to listen (i.e., coachability) to the table. Experimac offers ongoing training and support to ensure that you and your future staff thrive as you explore a great investment.