Know Before You Invest: Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

There are obviously numerous questions to ask when buying a franchise in Australia. If you’re considering opening an Experimax location, below are just some of the questions prospective franchisees frequently ask:

How much is the overall investment and what does it cover?

For most investors, the overall investment cost is between $190,000 and $200,000. This is already inclusive of the $64,500 franchise fee, liquid capital and other costs to put up an Experimax location such as real estate, stock and equipment.

Do you offer financing options?

Experimax offers a wide range of financing options to assist prospective franchisees. We also provide advice on third party financing and securing funding. To qualify, one should be able to shoulder the initial franchising fee and the required amount of liquid capital.People in the tech industry

How much profit can I expect?

With the tech industry valued at more than $300 billion, franchises in the tech field can expect higher profits than other franchise fields. The range of profit depends on several factors such as franchisee’s management style and the amount of time the business has been in operation, but with the demand for tech products and services, especially for a name brand like Apple, you can expect a constant flow of business.

How would you describe a day in the life of an Experimax franchisee?

Experimax franchisee day to day business is never a dull one and no two days are ever the same. You can spend Monday replacing broken phone screens and installing new operating systems and Tuesday taking care of your online sales of pre-owned Apple products and accessories. With the number of customers that walk in, you’re always meeting someone new. You don’t have to worry about not being techy as all Experimax franchisees receive ample training and support.

We perfectly understand that you have more queries. Get your questions answered today by contacting us.