Do You Know Our Story? Find Out How Experimax Rises to the Top

Like all successful businesses, Experimax was built on a brilliant idea. Ours was to provide easy access to top electronic brands like Apple at affordable prices. In addition to this we put ethical practices such as offering a customer-centred service and incomparable proficiencies in the electronics industry at the heart of what we do. The result? We have grown a start-up that initially operated out of a garage to, in 2015, a contributing member of a multinational franchise family group, United Franchise Group.

Why open an Experimax store in Australia?

We take great pride in our mission statement: “We have one customer: Our Franchisee. When they are successful, we are successful.”

Granted, there are numerous franchise opportunities out there, but if you’re in the franchise business for the incredible rewards in ROI, then Experimax Australia’s proven business model offers a franchise opportunity without peer.

In our successful franchise format, franchisees are provided with all the tools they’ll need to ensure the success of their business. Our support and guidance framework is passed down and taught to the franchisees during the many training sessions we provide. During these sessions, we also offer up our know-how relating to the Australian franchise industry, the best practice marketing techniques we’ve employed all over the world, direction and assistance in understanding our Experimax Franchise structure and we provide each franchisee with a location-specific website.

Optimal earning potential

The Experimax concept is designed to offer the best value to franchise owners anywhere in Australia. Thorough research into the Australian market has highlighted the need for a trusted service provider specialising in the sale and repair of pre-owned Apple® devices. The goal of our complementary one-stop shop service model is to provide unrivalled support and customer-focused service and walk-in convenience to Australian customers who will enjoy premium pre-owned products at incredible low prices.

Being such a popular electronics brand in Australia and the rest of the world, there is unlimited potential and demand for a service that is dedicated to quality pre-owned Apple® devices. At our concept stores, quality sales leads are a given – customers are purchase-ready meaning you can expect bigger returns on your business investment at a faster rate.

Any business savvy individual can open an Experimax in Australia. After an initial training period, you will continue to enjoy on-the-job support should you require it.

Are you looking for a fantastic franchise opportunity? Consider opening an Experimax store in Australia. Build your success on the back of our success. Find out more about Mobile Phone Repair Franchise