Do You Know Our Story? Find Out How Experimax Rose to the Top

We have been asked on many occasions where and how Experimax came to be, and what the reasons for our success are. It also makes sense to ask about our origins, especially if you are thinking about joining the Experimax family.

Where We Started

Experimax had a humble start in a garage, just like many other globally successful businesses. Jim Muir, the founder of Experimax, wanted to offer customers cutting edge technology at affordable rates. His business idea quickly became a huge success, and he opened his first Experimax store in West Palm Beach, Florida. Just like his garage venture, the store quickly became successful, and Jim asked his sons to join him, in order to be able to offer their excellent service to all their customers.

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How We Went Global

The West Palm Beach store went from strength to strength over the years, and Jim decided to open up the opportunity of enjoying Experimax success by franchising his business. He asked Ray Titus, CEO and founder of the United Franchise Group, to help make Experimax’s franchise move a success.

Our Global Success

The move to franchising was a huge success. The first franchise location began earning more than a million US dollars, and while new franchise owners should not expect the exact same success outright, the Experimax business model has proven time and time again that franchisees have experienced higher profits than from other business models or franchise opportunities.

Your Success with Experimax

We realised early on that the success of our franchisees means success for the franchise as a whole. Which is why we provide excellent industry training for all potential franchisees, provide support via regional offices, assistance with offline and online marketing, advantages through mass purchasing power and many other advantages. All these benefits have led to a turnkey franchising opportunity like no other.

If you feel that you would want to find out more about adding your own chapter to the Experimax success story, or just want to find out more about how you can become a franchisee, you can fill out our online form, or contact us at your earliest convenience.

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