Opening an Experimac franchise is an incredible franchising opportunity, and even a language barrier didn’t stop Christophe Sevin from leaving his engineering job in France to open an Experimac in east Orlando. Experimac is a computer business that sells pre-owned Apple products and offers repair services for laptops, phones, and tablets. Apple has a strong and loyal customer base as it is, so when customers can get the newest Apple products for a fraction of the price, this becomes one great franchising opportunity.

A Change for the Better

As he was looking into business ventures in the United States, Experimac caught Sevin’s eye. Needing a change from living in the same apartment in France for fifteen years and doing the same exact things every day, he decided that he wanted to be a part of this growing and thriving enterprise at Experimac.

Even though the language barrier has been a struggle to overcome, Sevin has been improving every single day to more effectively communicate with employees as well as customers. His goal is to help provide popular Apple products and services to customers at below-retail prices.

College Students Are Great Customers

The great thing about opening an Experimac franchise where he did is that it’s located near UCF, which means that it’s near to college-aged students who are looking for a great product with a great price. When it comes to purchasing electronics such as laptops, phones, or anything else along those lines, Sevin’s Experimac franchise has it covered.

Every Business Venture Has its Challenges

According to Sevin, one of the biggest challenges that he’s faced since opening his business is the fear of the unknown. All his life, he was always an employee, but now he’s the boss. On top of that, everything is new to him including the culture and even the language. Sometimes customers don’t understand him, so he has to rely on his employees to intervene. These changes aren’t always easy, especially in an entirely different culture learning a new language, but it’s very rewarding in the end.

The most rewarding part of Sevin’s job is that he wakes up every morning, happy to go to work. He’s proud that he’s succeeded in coming from Paris to create his own business. Sevin had a dream, and now the first step is accomplished. The next step is to make it a thriving business.

Advice to Other Entrepreneurs

Some advice Sevin would give to other entrepreneurs is to never give up. It would’ve been really easy for him to return to his work in Paris, back to his routine, but he didn’t want to go back. The venture was difficult, but in the end he is happy and proud of what he’s accomplished and he knows that other people can experience that same pride as well.

To learn more about the incredible franchising opportunity with Experimac, don’t hesitate to visit our website or contact us today! In no time, you can be opening up a thriving Experimac franchise and begin to reap the benefits that come with becoming your own boss of an already established franchise.