Apple® made a big splash in the smartphone industry by officially selling refurbished iPhones® in its online store. The move came in response to customers who were eager to purchase the best smartphones on the market—the iPhone 6s is the fastest-selling smartphone in history—and get a great deal in the process.

This underscores a reality for consumers and sellers of refreshed iPhones alike. When iPhones are certified refreshed, given new batteries and new outer shells, and then resold, it’s a win-win proposition for both buyer and seller.

It lends new life to an incredibly competent device and provides additional revenue streams to those in the computer repair franchise industry.

Prices can be significantly discounted on newer models like the iPhone 6s Plus that comes with amazing features like a 32 GB capacity, expanded 5.5-inch HD retina display, more high-def video recording, and revamped sensors—and consumers feel like they’re getting a new phone!

Business Opportunities Await

Investing in an Experimac franchise is a great business opportunity. Not only will you receive all the training and support you might need to carry out your everyday duties, but you’ll find yourself investing in a very lucrative and growing franchise. Apple has a large, loyal customer base, and we like to take advantage of that at Experimac. Our customers leave feeling satisfied that they not only received a great deal on their refreshed Apple products, but because they have a local store that they can trust. Why don’t you get your piece of the pie by investing in an Experimac franchise?


The Numbers Are In

When you go through the proper channels, reselling iPhones can be incredibly lucrative. Studies show that pre-owned iPhones retain most of their value after one year of ownership.

For whatever reason—better craftsmanship or higher brand loyalty—Apple iPhones tend to be the gold standard when it comes to smartphones retaining their original value. What’s interesting is that when experts look at regional trends with iPhone resales, they notice spikes in certain parts of the country.

In Orange County, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara, California, for instance, iPhones tend to have a larger-than-expected piece of the overall smartphone pie.

This makes for a hotter resale market in these areas. Washington, DC, Orlando, and New York City also tend to be well represented. All of these are places where Experimac has set up shop.

Resale Process at Experimac

Any time an iPhone leaves the shop at an Experimac location, it undergoes a thorough refreshing process aimed to ensure that pre-owned smartphones look as good as possible and function properly.

When customers make a pre-owned purchase from an Experimac location, they receive a 90-day warranty with their purchase. This helps protect against mechanical malfunctions: Experimac will replace a single part or an entire iPhone, if necessary, to satisfy local customers. It’s all about fostering trust and consumer confidence.

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