Last month, Matt Rusconi, began leverage his years of franchising and entrepreneurial experience to run his Experimac, a the concept that provides pre-owned computers and devices; repairs and upgrade services for laptops, phones and tablets; trade-ins of existing devices; and sales of accessories to Rocky Hill. Located at 2162 Silas Deane Highways, Rusconi is bringing the latest concept from industry veteran, United Franchise Group to serve customers throughout Hartford and Middlese County by providing popular Apple devices at prices far below retail prices.

Nine years ago, as of February 2017, Rusconi made the decision to leave his full-time career in Corporate America and open his first business. In those nine years, he has opened 20 restaurants in both Connecticut and Rhode Island, including Moe’s Southwest Cantina, Mooyahs, and Wingstop. After seeing his success in the fast-casual sector, Rusconi decided to try his hand at a new type of business, Experimac. Experimac is Rusconi’s fourth brand and the fourth time he has brought a new brand to the market.

The newest addition to the United Franchise Group, a family of brands that includes industry standouts such as Signarama, EmbroidMe and SuperGreen Solutions, Experimac is backed by a reputation of business success. This, said Rusconi, gave him confidence in the concept as a viable career choice.

“I have a passion for community involvement, branding, team building, identifying talent, and working hard and having fun while doing so,” Rusconi said. “I am very fortunate to work with great teams in my other businesses and we are already growing an equally great one here at Experimac. This new business and concept is helping rekindle all my passions, both for business and community. I look forward to building out the brand and providing Hartford County and beyond with our top-level services.”

Keeping with the spirit of community, Rusconi is using his Experimac as a platform to give back, specifically to The Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters. He will be buying, refurbishing, and donating 20 mini iPads, 16GB wifi/cellular to the organization where the bigs will share the iPads with their littles. Rusconi will be delivering this gift to Ryan Matthew, Director of Community Programs, at The Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters organization on December 19th, just in time for Christmas.

About Experimac

Experimac joined the United Franchise Group family of brands, joining a team with over 30 years of franchise experience. Capitalizing on a sustained demand for Apple® products, Experimac provides pre-owned computers and devices, repair of laptops, phones and tablets, trade-ins of existing devices, and sales of accessories. Experimac has more than 70 locations with 30+ additional stores in various stages of development as of mid-2016. Projections are to open a total of 100 locations by the end of 2016 and 250 by 2017 locations nationwide. For more information visit

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