Posted on March 2nd 2018

Are you considering opening an Experimax franchise of your own? Now is a great time to get started, the industry is booming! Opening a franchise is a great way to seize more control of your professional life, enjoy more flexibility than many corporate jobs can offer, and you’ll be working for yourself without all the […]

Posted on February 23rd 2018

If you’re considering opening your own cell phone repair franchise with Experimax, now is a great time to get in on the action. Our industry is booming! Here are some details on what’s going on right now. Smartphones and tablets are a smash in Australia One thing is for sure, Australians love their devices. Business […]

Posted on February 16th 2018

Choosing a franchisor is a big decision that should be made with great care. Not only will you be representing their brand, you’ll be expected to follow their procedures and work by their standards. If you’re looking to open your own cell phone or tablet repair franchise, we believe Experimax is a great choice. Here […]

Posted on February 1st 2018

At Experimax, we are constantly on the lookout for new franchisees. After all, it is through the hard work of our franchise partners that our computer franchise business continues to grow. But what makes for a successful franchise owner? What kind of qualities do we look for in investors? As one of the top smartphone […]

Posted on January 29th 2018

At an early age, children are taught that the only path to take after finishing school is employment. A steady, stable job. A common scenario involves coming in for several interviews, getting calls from multiple recruiters (if you’re lucky), experiencing rejection and eventually, landing a position in a company. What kids don’t often hear is […]

Posted on January 26th 2018

Working in a stifling corporate environment can have many people feeling dissatisfied. For some, this career dead-end is an opportunity to quit the corporate life and open their own franchise! Starting a franchise can be a transition toward freedom that allows formerly frustrated corporate employees to finally be their own bosses.  For instance, Experimax franchisees […]