Posted on April 6th 2017

Like all successful businesses, Experimax was built on a brilliant idea. Ours was to provide easy access to top electronic brands like Apple at affordable prices. In addition to this we put ethical practices such as offering a customer-centred service and incomparable proficiencies in the electronics industry at the heart of what we do. The […]

Posted on March 25th 2017

Doing your due diligence is the surest way of deciding on the best next business opportunity in the market for you. It’s best to consider all ways to get the information you need. This includes consulting with other franchisees, searching the Franchise Business Directory and speaking to a lawyer specialising in franchises. The more information […]

Posted on March 10th 2017

Opening a franchise eases the process of starting a business of your own by solving many of the points of pain experienced by entrepreneurs building a business from the ground up and in isolation. At Experimax we are aware of the risks of going out on your own and can sympathise with the growing pains […]

Posted on February 23rd 2016

Opening an Experimax franchise is an incredible franchising opportunity, and even a language barrier didn’t stop Christophe Sevin from leaving his engineering job in France to open an Experimax in east Orlando. Experimax is a computer business that sells pre-owned Apple products and offers repair services for laptops, phones, and tablets. Apple has a strong […]

Posted on November 26th 2015

Jim Spisak and his daughter, Jamie, both made a business decision that would change their lives for the better. Jim, 59, and Jamie 28, both left careers in corporate America to launch a business of their own. Just last month, the father-daughter duo will open their Experimax franchise location at 4709 W. Park Rd. in […]