Pursuit of Passion: Why Working for Yourself is More Fulfilling than Working for Someone Else

At an early age, children are taught that the only path to take after finishing school is employment. A steady, stable job. A common scenario involves coming in for several interviews, getting calls from multiple recruiters (if you’re lucky), experiencing rejection and eventually, landing a position in a company.

What kids don’t often hear is that working in a corporate environment isn’t the only option. Especially for people who are entrepreneurial by nature, finding career opportunities that allow them to be their own managers is an ideal – and viable! – career setup.

These are a few reasons why self-employment could be the opportunity you’re waiting for:

You Can Set Your Own Schedule.

Corporate employers are known for utilising a fixed schedule. Although this may be ideal for people who crave routine and familiarity, it may be a detriment to your productivity.

If you believe you work more efficiently when you have control over your own time rather than clocking in and out every day, consider starting your own business. For instance, Experimax franchisees enjoy the freedom to set many of their own deadlines, and to decide their own hours.

You Can Manage Your Own Workspace

In some corporate environments, employees’ workstations are built tightly together. Invasion of personal space or dealing with your co-worker’s untidy desk is a common issue in the office.

When you choose to work independently, you can manage your own workspace. Imagine being able to determine the design of your own retail store, and to plan out both showroom and backroom areas! Not only that, but you have the final say in who your employees and co-workers are.

self-employed womanYou Can Create Many of Your Own Policies

Many offices are strict about their employees’ absences. When people in the office call in sick, HR managers often require a doctor’s note. As a self-employed individual, taking a day off isn’t a problem. If you’re feeling a little under the weather, you can rest without having to go through an intensive process of justifying your absence. As the manager of your own Experimax, you can have a hand in developing some of your own in-store policies.

Say Goodbye to Monotony

One of the most dissatisfying aspects of a corporate job is the monotony. For employees who prefer to dabble in different things rather than sticking to one task for months, the job quickly becomes boring. When you’re running your own business, you’ll wear many hats. You’ll be expected to adapt, learn and grow together with your business. In the computer repair business, you have to deal with various situations that require logic and creativity. If you enjoy creative problem-solving and taking on new challenges, franchising with Experimax might be the perfect business venture for you!

Start Your Business with Experimax

At Experimax, you can be your own boss without many of the uncertainties of starting a business from scratch. Experimax uses a time-tested business model and is a reputable computer franchise business in Australia. With Experimax, you’ll repair and sell used smartphones, tablets, and laptop—a great way to capitalise on the booming technology industry. If you’re ready to open your own business, begin your journey with Experimax by contacting us today!