Still on the Fence About Opening a Franchise? We Can Help Tip the Balance

Opening a franchise eases the process of starting a business of your own by solving many of the points of pain experienced by entrepreneurs building a business from the ground up and in isolation.

At Experimax we are aware of the risks of going out on your own and can sympathise with the growing pains associated with establishing a business which is why our Experimax Franchise model is suitable for anyone with business savvy skills and the dream of a flexible lifestyle. And we don’t even need you to be an expert in Apple products as we provide all the necessary training to make your Experimax store a success right from the start.

Unique Franchise Model

A unique franchise model

We believe in providing all of our franchisees with the required information upfront. You will know what is expected in terms of relevant costs and fees from day 1. We have also incorporated a powerful training programme that offers real support and guidance so none of our Experimax franchisees are left in the dark to figure things out on their own. Need help in deciding where to open a store for example? Or help with setting up operations such as hiring employees? You will find that we provide a support structure that offers value, allowing you to fill in the gaps in your knowledge as you go along.

Low risk, high returns

We have conducted thorough research of the Apple® brand in the Australian market before establishing a franchise opportunity for aspiring business owners. Ours is a business concept that offers high returns at low risk to business people looking to go it alone and build something that they can own themselves.

There remains an extraordinarily high demand for the ever-popular Apple® products in Australia, and our services answer the question: “why pay premium when affordable pre-owned Apple® devices are a far more attractive alternative?” The continuously growing demand for Phone Repair and purchases means that there is an ever-ready stream of purchase-ready customers. This means a better ROI, faster.

Learn more about Experimax’s franchise investment opportunity here. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to helping you make your business dreams a reality.

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