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Get Started on the Right Foot By Doing Something You Love

Opening a computer repair franchise with Experimax is a fun way to shake up your career. If you’re tired of your corporate job and are looking for a way to jump-start your professional life, Experimax may have just the opportunity you’re looking for. In this entry, we’ll show you how running a computer repair franchise isn’t just a great business opportunity, it’s a fun way to enjoy more freedom and flexibility in your life!

A Fun and Fast-Paced Industry

The business of repairing phone screens is exploding, with projected continued growth worldwide. Australians love their mobile technology, and Experimax is in the prime position of offering refurbished phones, trade-ins, and repairs. This three-pronged approach allows us to offer goods and services to customers with a variety of needs, widely expanding our base of potential customers. Working in this business also gives our franchisees the opportunity to learn more about the latest technology and to provide their customers with fun and functional devices.

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The Benefits of Independent Ownership Without the Stress

One of the most exciting aspects of opening an Experimax computer repair franchise is that our turnkey business model allows franchisees to get their stores open and operating with as little hassle as possible. Your investment includes virtually everything you’ll need to start doing business as soon as you open your doors. Once you have a trusted staff in place, it’s easier than ever for our franchisees to delegate important tasks to employees. This frees franchisees up to work standard operating hours, and to focus on whatever they’d like — growing their business, spending more time with family, dedicating time to a hobby, the possibilities are endless. What would you do if you could enjoy more free time?

Unlimited Support

Finally, Experimax’s strong support programmes help our franchisees thrive with the confidence that they’re backed by our expert guidance. We help our franchisees in a number of ways, from choosing a location to ongoing technical support. Enjoying these resources takes a good deal of stress out of running your business, freeing you up to grow your business efficiently. Why go it alone when you can open a computer repair franchise with our help?

These are just a few of the ways running a computer repair franchise is fun with Experimax. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to break free of the corporate grind and open your own Experimax location today!

3 Things That You Should Expect in the Investment

If you’re wondering how to open a franchise of your own, this post is for you. When you invest in an Experimax franchise, there are a number of things that you should expect in return. Here are a few of the most important resources you can look forward to taking advantage of as an Experimax franchisee.

A Highly-Efficient Business Model

One of the best parts of running an Experimax franchise is our highly efficient business model, which is designed to help keep your operating costs low and your profitability high. As a purveyor of both electronic repairs and high-quality used devices, you’ll enjoy a constant flow of electronics into your store. You’ll be able to refurbish the trade-ins you receive and sell them as inventory, or use them for parts when they aren’t suitable for being refurbished. Since we work with one major brand, the job of managing your inventory is greatly simplified. Thus, you’ll usually have a steady stream of inventory cycling through your store.

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Top-Notch Training and Support

Many of our prospective franchisees are intimidated by the nature of our business, and assume that they need to be tech wizards in order to operate an Experimax franchise. Nothing could be further from the truth! If you’re wondering how to open a franchise that is focused on technology, the secret is in our comprehensive training program that is designed to get franchisees from all walks of life up-to-speed on everything from completing repairs, to choosing the perfect location, to hiring just the right staff. Furthermore, our ongoing support will help you to stay on top of industry developments. Given the fast-paced nature of this industry, our ongoing support is particularly useful for helping franchisees keep their businesses competitive.

The Power of Brand Recognition

Experimax has been in business for years, and we have already established ourselves as a global leader in cell phone and computer repairs, trade-ins, and sales. Customers know that when they walk into an Experimax store, they can trust the products and services they find there. When you invest in an Experimax franchise, you can expect to benefit from our strong reputation.

If you’re wondering how to open a franchise with Experimax, these are just three important assets you can expect to enjoy when you make the investment. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we support our franchisees! 

Will You Benefit From Franchising? What You Should Know

Running a phone repair franchise with Experimax is a great way to enjoy more flexibility in your life. We believe that prospective franchisees who are switching from corporate life to the life of an Experimax franchisee have lots to gain in terms of personal freedom. Here are a few ways you might benefit from becoming a franchisee.

Decide When You’d Like to Work

When you become an Experimax franchisee, you’ll have the freedom to make decisions such as setting your own hours. Coming from a corporate environment where punching a clock was the norm, this can mean much greater personal freedom for our franchisees. You’ll be able to identify for yourself what needs to be done in your store, and you’ll have the freedom to decide what can be delegated to your staff as opposed to what you’d like to handle for yourself. If you were able to set your own hours, what would you do? Come home every night by 5 p.m. for dinner? Make sure to always have weekends free for friends and relaxation? Experimax franchisees can make these decisions for themselves once their businesses are up and running.

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Freedom from a Salary

One of the greatest benefits of franchising to entrepreneurs is the freedom from a set salary. Entrepreneurs such as Experimax franchisees are drawn to business ownership because they have the potential enjoy their profits for themselves, rather than working for a set salary while a CEO enjoys the majority of the profits you earn for your company. As a franchisee, you’ll be able to benefit from your hard work by managing your own profits after expenses and fees.

Perks Such as Training and Support

If you’re drawn to the idea of starting your own business, you may be torn between starting a phone repair franchise with Experimax or starting a new business from scratch. When you opt to become a franchisee, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits. Some of the most significant benefits you’ll enjoy are our carefully-crafted training and support programmes that are designed to help you feel empowered and confident as you run your business. Independent business owners have only themselves to turn to when they need help or advice, but becoming an Experimax franchisee will make you part of a network of experts and franchisees who can help to support you.

These are just a few ways our franchisees stand to benefit from investing in a phone repair franchise with Experimax. Reach out to us today to learn more about what Experimax can do for you!

3 Fun Facts About Experimax

Opening a franchise with Experimax is a great way to get involved in the computer repair and resale industry. Since 2009, Experimax has been delighting customers with our fast repair times and fair prices on pre-owned electronic devices. If you’re thinking of franchising with us, you might be surprised by some of the inner workings of our company. Here are a few fun facts you might not know about our business.

#1. Our Strategic Business Model

At Experimax, we’ve chosen to only work with devices from one specific brand. This actually helps us to offer the best possible service to our customers. Clients who bring in old devices know that they can receive excellent trade-in value towards purchasing a newer device. We then use their older, trade-in device either to refurbish and re-sell, or for parts. Using these devices for parts allows us to have a wide array of parts on-hand for those customers who are looking to repair their device. Having these parts on-hand allows us to complete most of our repairs in-store, oftentimes while the customer waits. Thus, our trade-in, resale, and repair services work hand-in-hand to provide our customers with the best possible prices and quality of service.

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#2. A Family Business

At Experimax, our first store was a family-owned and operated business. Jim Muir and his two sons were dedicated to providing West Palm Beach with the best possible services related to trading in and repairing their electronic devices. Having enjoyed years of success as an independent business, Jim decided to expand by taking Experimax global and franchising. While we’ve grown substantially since that first store, we still see ourselves as a family, and are dedicated to offering our franchisees top-notch support as they grow their own Experimax locations.

#3. A Booming Industry

The computer sales industry, which makes up only a part of Experimax’s business model, is booming with more than $300 billion in sales reported in 2014. Furthermore, smartphone usage is growing in Australia, with almost 84% of cell phone users using a Smartphone in 2018. With this kind of demand, the products and services offered by Experimax fit right in with consumer trends globally and in Australia. If you’re looking for a way to capitalize on this exciting industry, look no further than opening a franchise with Experimax.

As you can see, there are plenty of perks to opening a franchise with Experimax. If you’re ready to learn more about becoming a franchisee, contact us today.