One of the most recognizable brands and logos anywhere in the world is Apple®. The company has status and instant appeal around the globe and Apple, in fact, is the first U.S. company to hit the $700 billion mark anytime in history.

Moreover, half the homes in the United States have at least one Apple product under their roof, and that number is only going upwards as Apple® pulls down more of the market share in everything from personal iPad® tablets, laptops iMac® laptops, iPhone® mobile devices and iPod® music devices.

With all that customer interest and brand appeal, Apple® is saturating the market since families who own Apple® products own three on average. That’s a testament to these products’ durability, appeal and affordability, and it also speaks to the confidence that customers have in Apple’s® lineup of products.

Trailblazing an Emerging Market with Experimac®  

Experimac is a true innovator of technology products and servicing, and capitalizes on the widespread popularity of Apple® products.

When you franchise with Experimac, you’re benefiting from a vast customer base — encompassing potentially the tens of millions of American households discussed above who own Apple® products. Selling Apple® refurbished products also enables you to cater to new Apple® customers at different price points as well.

Teaming up with Experimac allows you to get in on the ground floor of one of the most exciting emerging industries and perhaps the most well-established brand in the world.

Experimac offers more income opportunities than cell phone retailers or single-service cell phone repair businesses since Experimac is essentially two businesses rolled into one (i.e., refurbished sales and servicing).

The Experimac model has thrived thanks to the franchise’s incredible customer service, evolving experience with Apple® products and, it should be said, Apple’s®  increasing popularity among customers.

Selling and Repairing Pre-owned Apple® Products 

Experimac helps its franchisees discover multiple revenue streams by allowing them to sell pre-owned Mac® computers, iPhone® devices, iPod® devices, Apple TV®, accessories or iPad® tablets.

Store operators receive training to repair Apple® laptops, computers, cell phones and tablets and accept trade-ins on no-longer-used Apple® products. These trade-ins are then refreshed and sold once more — creating yet another source of revenue for franchisees.

Experimac franchisees might also offer battery and hard drive replacements, as well as memory upgrades to Apple® devices that customers are not quite ready to part with. The fact that Experimac’s stores operate on a no-appointment-needed basis is incredibly appealing to time-strapped customers.

High Yield, Low Investment

The fact that Experimac buys, refreshes and sells the highest-value Apple® products means that Experimac franchisees might expect quicker and higher yields than comparable computer repair franchise businesses that do not focus on pre-owned equipment.

Multiple revenue streams and the confidence franchisees will get from extensive and ongoing training and support also means that you’ll be primed for success — demographic studies inform the best site locations for franchisees and store build out, and financing and training help are also available.

Another nice thing is that when you sell refreshed Apple® products through the Experimac franchise, you’ll benefit from being part of the United Franchise Group and teaming up with entrepreneurs with decades of franchise experience in their corner.

Ongoing marketing and advertising assistance coupled with an intensive two-week initial training program as well as on-the-job training, help ensure franchisees are put in the best position to succeed.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of the opportunity to become a part of a growing and thriving market by opening an Experimac franchise, visit our website today!