Franchising is constantly continuing to modernize which contributes to the success of the industry. As more people begin to invest in franchises, it is important for existing ones to keep up with the latest trends. Franchises like Experimac are rising up due to the increased amount of technology, opportunities, and industry growth. Selling used electronics may not ever have seemed like a viable franchise opportunity, but the demand is growing and we’re rising to meet that demand. Here are a few of the latest trends in franchising that could help you invest in a prosperous franchise.

Investing in International Opportunities

Franchising is becoming so popular in the United States that many are beginning to expand beyond borders. As the franchise industry grows, more franchises such as Experimac are expanding internationally to create more opportunities. The brands we buy and sell are known worldwide, which means selling used electronics can be a great franchise anywhere on earth!

Experimac has also strategically determined domestic opportunities as well. With our target markets, franchises are established based on the demographics of the location. Experimac has developed a business model that fits any state and any country, which means franchisees have the freedom to start almost anywhere they want.

Use of Technology

Technological advances are on the rise as they are incorporated in more and more businesses to better serve customers. One of the benefits of a computer and smartphone repair franchise is that it is inevitably up-to-date on the latest technologies. In order to keep repairing and selling used electronics, Experimac ensures that franchisees have the technological knowledge they need to keep up with the repairs.

Industry Growth

Many industries that offer franchising opportunities are continuing to grow. As the electronic repair industry continues to grow and expand, so do electronic repair franchises. CBS News has found that about 1 billion people around the world own some sort of well-known brand product. The study does not conclude whether or not these products came directly from the source’s store or if they were resold. However, it is easy to conclude that a large percentage of the 1 billion brand products were purchased pre-used from places like Experimac. Selling used electronics is a booming opportunity because it brings smartphones and tablets to people who may not be able to afford them otherwise.

Experimac franchises strive to keep up with the latest franchising trends for selling used electronics and repairs. Through domestic and international opportunities, the Experimac brand name is available worldwide.

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