The new iPhone 7® has gotten a ton of hype and numerous accolades for being sleeker, more lightweight, and more durable than its predecessors. The new iPhone® was worth the wait.

The most notable change for Apple® enthusiasts isn’t so much what’s there as what’s not—the iPhone 7® does away with the headphone jack in favor of wireless.

Advanced models of the iPhone 7® also give you much more storage space, and there’s a dual-lens camera built into the core design.

Other notable leaps forward from the iPhone 6® include a longer battery life and the next-generation A-10 chip that gives the iPhone 7® twice the performance of its immediate predecessor.

While one-time iPhone 6® users are upgrading to the latest and greatest, where are all of the old iPhones® going? Are they still in circulation? How much do they cost now?

A Robust Market for Pre-Owned Apple Products

Apple® has one of the best sell-back reputations of any major company in the world, and it might be the premiere sell-back technology company operating today. Experimac is happy to be part of that tradition.

All pre-owned Apple® devices sold by Experimac undergo a thorough refresh process to ensure that customers are getting a great deal and an Apple® refreshed product that’s as close to new as possible.

This goes equally for computers, tablets, Apple TV® consoles, and all kinds of add-ons, accessories, and Apple® accouterments. Products are designed to be at or near like-new condition so that customers never have to worry that a nasty surprise was lurking behind that deal.

The designation “Apple® refreshed” isn’t just lip service to the concept of resurrecting a product’s usefulness.

Apple® refreshed means something: It means that the product has gone through an extensive checklist and been found to be fully functional, and that iOS devices will be furnished with a fresh outer shell and a new battery so that your customers don’t have to worry about a shortened battery life.

Sounds Great . . . But What’s the Catch?

There isn’t a catch: Your customers can receive the latest iterations of the iPhone® and current generation laptops, tablets, desktops, or Apple TV® consoles for significant discounts. Neither friends nor family will likely know the difference.

How much do these things cost? The average discount for these like-new refreshed products tends to hover around 15% to 20% off, although you can find average deals as much as 30% off retail price.

Doing the math, this means that a like-new Apple refreshed iPad® goes for $100 off the list price. Your customers could also save big on Mac® mini computers, Thunderbolt displays, and Airport Express base stations to the tune of an average of 40% off list!

Experimac Carries On Apple’s® Stellar Tradition

Pre-owned Apple® products sold from Experimac locations are cleaned, inspected, and carefully handled before being offered for sale at any of Experimac’s many locations.

Experimac also offers a 90-day warranty on pre-owned Apple® products, which gives customers extra peace of mind when they walk out of an Experimac store.

Experimac also accepts trade-ins and does repairs and upgrades in-house. This translates to extra revenue streams for franchisees and more reasons for customers to visit! Ready to learn more? Then visit our website today!