Veterans have a lot to offer society once they leave the service. Finding a job isn’t always easy, though, as many of their special skills don’t always translate well to civilian life. But VetFran is looking to change all of that for many veterans throughout the United States.

With VetFran, more veterans will have a viable business opportunity ahead of them so they can lead productive lives after serving their country. Keep reading to learn more about VetFran’s success and how it will impact veterans and their families for years to come.

Franchise Ownership

The main goal of the VetFran initiative is to get veterans into a business opportunity that allows them to succeed on their own terms. Many veterans’ skill sets, in combination with a lack of on-the-job training due to time spent in the military, can make it hard to find a job. While this may not be fair, it’s all too common in the United States workforce.

VetFran makes it easier for veterans to acquire a business opportunity like a franchise ownership, so many veterans can put their problem-solving skills and work ethic to good use for their future. Franchise ownership also allows veterans to pick fields they’re already knowledgeable about and interested in, instead of taking menial jobs below their skill level to simply pay the bills.

Why a Franchise?

A business opportunity like franchise ownership is ideal for many veterans who have put in years protecting the United States. For many, the ability to own and guide a business on a daily basis is an essential part of being able to provide for their families.

Veterans who are their own boss also have the ability to use their considerable skills in a fashion that can help their business grow. Companies and franchises owned by veterans also tend to employ veterans of all skill levels and for many different jobs, helping people in the community get essential work.

Who’s Participating?

VetFran is a large program with over 600 different companies participating all over the United States. The range of brands and corporations involved with VetFran is actually quite staggering—and ideal for veterans with many different interests and skills.

In the food and service industry, brands like 7-Eleven, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, The Melting Pot, and Burger 21 are all participating—and these are just a few of the recognizable service industry names involved with VetFran.

Veterans looking for a business opportunity in health care can get more information about Dental Fix RX, Home Instead Senior Care, and Interim Healthcare. In addition, Liberty Tax, U.S. Lawns, Big O Tires, Device Pitstop, and Jiffy Lube are also participating in the VetFran program.

These are just a few of the amazing business opportunities available to veterans through VetFran—and more than 575 others exist. That number is growing on a regular basis, as well.

Business Opportunity with Experimac

A business opportunity like franchise ownership can benefit many people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Among that group you’ll find smart, skilled veterans that have all the tools they need to build a brand.

With VetFran, more and more veterans are getting this opportunity. That means more careers, more jobs, and more prosperity for United States armed forces veterans who deserve to be able to work hard and provide for themselves and their families. Interested in learning more? Visit our website today!