The Top Six Qualities We Look for in Future Investors

At Experimax, we are constantly on the lookout for new franchisees. After all, it is through the hard work of our franchise partners that our computer franchise business continues to grow. But what makes for a successful franchise owner? What kind of qualities do we look for in investors?

As one of the top smartphone repair franchises in the US and Australia, we have built a reputation for excellent customer service, backed with the experience and expertise needed to handle a range of client needs. As a franchisor, we seek to find driven, passionate individuals who are a good match for our brand’s goals.

Here is what we look for in our future investors:

Open Minded and Willing to Learn

A strong franchisee is open-minded and willing to learn. They pay close attention to the rules of the business and follow them closely. They are never afraid to ask for help from the franchisor support staff. At Experimax, we provide our franchisees with a wide range of resources to help them to grow their businesses, providing industry leading training, regional support, and marketing assistance. We value partners who are adaptable, flexible and growth-oriented.

Financially Aware

A good franchisee exhibits financial awareness and has a full understanding of what it takes to invest in a business. A successful franchisee invests wisely, keeps close tabs on their expenditures and avoids the risk of undercapitalisation.

We screen our franchisees to ensure that they have the appropriate amount of unencumbered funds on hand to cover all of the costs of getting their new business up and running. Thus, our franchisees must be capable of managing their finances effectively and efficiently.

Results Driven

Experimax franchisees are driven by results and know how to set and obtain measurable goals for the business. They know how to keep track of their growth, and take all setbacks in stride. They track and measure their goals and constantly follow up on them to ensure that their business is growing sustainably.

investor watching his money growTakes the Right Risks

Franchising is all about taking calculated risks. While you should not be entirely risk averse, remember that franchising is not a gamble – you want to minimise risks and keep things in control. Experimax franchisees should take the right risks and always avoid unnecessary ones. Franchisees should have direction and aim for security, stability and growth.

Consistent and Composed

Knowing how to address issues and take charge at all times is an important skill for a business owner. A good franchisee has strong management skills, consistency and composure. They always follow up on issues and consult with franchise support often for additional advice and guidance.

Strong Interpersonal Skills

Like all markers of success, franchisees rely on their strong interpersonal skills. As the franchisee, they are the head of their franchise location. They must always strive for customer satisfaction, while simultaneously inspiring employees to meet their career goals.

Franchisees also must be community-oriented and instil good work ethics in their staff. They show employees that they are valued, and provide guidance, training, and recognition as needed. They strive to be an excellent communicator, and keep everyone together as a team.

If you think that you have many of these traits, we believe that Experimax could be a good fit for you. Contact us to learn more about our franchising opportunities, and download our franchisee resources today.