Upgrade Your Business Empire By Starting An Experimax Franchise

Doing your due diligence is the surest way of deciding on the best next business opportunity in the market for you. It’s best to consider all ways to get the information you need. This includes consulting with other franchisees, searching the Franchise Business Directory and speaking to a lawyer specialising in franchises. The more information you have at hand the more capable you are of making the best decision for you.

If you are wondering why a franchise business opportunity with Experimax makes for a better choice than starting a business from scratch, consider these advantages:

Success track record

Experimax boasts a proven track record based on a winning business concept model. The Australian market has a shortage of one-stop shop providers offering quality repairs and sales of pre-owned Apple® products. As one of our valued franchisees you are provided with all relevant information you need and you are welcome to verify our success record by conducting research of your own.

Training programmes

A reputable franchise company offers a support structure that includes training programmes for franchisees. At Experimax we base our success on the success of our franchisees which is why we offer the best support in the form of reference materials, help in selecting a favourable business site and on the job training. We don’t require you to be an expert in Apple® devices (we’ve got that covered), just that you are business savvy and looking for a great return on your investment from a business that guarantees results.

Forward-thinking company culture

We know that our franchise owners are not looking for a hum-drum 9-to-5 job. If your priorities include working hard when you need to during standard operating business hours but the freedom to switch off and enjoy family time on the weekends, then Experimax is the Electronics Franchise for you.

Upgrade your business opportunity; consider opening an Experimax franchise today. Have more questions? We welcome them. Get in touch with us today.