Starting a computer repair business requires almost no tools and even is something you can start from home.

If you’re looking on the tech side, you can start small by building local clientele and making some money on the side doing computer and device repairs. But if you think you have what it takes to manage and market a business – or at least have what it takes to be patient, delegate, and learn – then you potentially could jumpstart your business by hiring others to do repairs for you. But if that’s the road you’re headed down, the best thing to consider would be investing in a franchise.

Here are a few thoughts on what you’ll need to start a computer repair business:

What Type of Computer Repair Business Are You?

The biggest decision you might have to make is whether you’d rather focus on computers or mobile tech – including phones and tablets.

Of course, if you’re fixing things, there’s bound to be opportunity to resell them at a reasonable but profitable price.

That’s where a franchise like Experimac comes in. In general, our focus is on technology resale, which is a direct result of our repair business. Our biggest point of emphasis, though, is on brand products.

Thanks to our diverse interests, Experimac is like a combination of four distinct franchises rolled into one: a cellphone repair franchise, a computer repair franchise, a technology accessories and upgrades franchise, and a refurbished technology resale franchise.

Be Prepared

There are a lot of things you need to understand before opening a computer repair franchise. Everything from having the proper licenses and insurance based on your individual state’s regulations to how to keep your books to how to identify and hire the proper personnel to simply how to market your business.

But once again, that’s where Experimac can help. Backed by the power of United Franchise Group, we provide an endless array of support – from an extended training visit to our Global Headquarters to an in-store visit from our support staff, we’ve got you covered until launch. But it doesn’t end there either, as we’ve got continued support for our franchisees through our online global support portal.

For a closer look at how to legally start a computer repair franchise, click here.

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