It’s always a challenge initially getting a new dream off the ground.

When it comes to franchising, the biggest initial challenge is often choosing the right company for you. But it shouldn’t have to be, so if you’re looking to invest in a computer business franchise, here’s a look at the types of things you should be looking for.

Are they qualified/experienced?

Experimac founder Jim Muir had been working from his garage for years buying, selling, trading, and repairing computer equipment, but eventually his computer business grew large enough that he opened a retail store in 2012 and brought in his four sons to work with him. By 2014, he partnered with Ray Titus at United Franchise Group to expand.

Jim’s business started as a hobby he was passionate about and slowly started monetizing. He already was interested and informed in his field, but by working tirelessly to do all of that extra work on his own, he grew to become an expert.

It’s with that same expertise that all Experimac franchisees and employees are now trained, and the history of our company that assures customers and franchisees alike that we’re the company for the job.

Do they have resources?

As an Experimac franchisee, you get the benefit of the backing power of United Franchise Group. That means access to extensive training and support for the life of your business.

Our training program is one of the most extensive in the entire franchise landscape, and includes two weeks of training at our headquarters in Florida. Additionally, you’ll receive one-on-one training at your own Experimac store to ensure you have the proper knowledge needed to run the business, including technical, marketing, and business aspects.

Finally, we continue to keep you sharp and up to date through a variety of resources, including regional meetings, brand conventions, UFG’s leadership summit, and our online training portal.

Beyond the training, we’ll provide the support and guidance you need every step of the way, including long after you’ve opened and become successful. If you have questions or need assistance, we’ll be there to help.

Other perks of our support include extensive assistance in location start-up, established vendor relationships, mass purchasing power, our continued research regarding technological advancements, a central intranet with stored company and guidance information, marketing assistance including regular meetings from regional staff, and franchisee-to-franchisee networking and assistance.

What sets them apart?

Aside from Experimac’s family roots and industry expertise, we extend our service beyond regular PCs, cell phones and tablets and specialize in iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets, MacBook® laptops, iMac® computers, and corresponding gear and accessories. This includes restoring, repairing, buying, and upgrading all of the above products.

Our franchise model is also beneficial and helps us thrive in a competitive industry. How? By capitalizing on multiple revenue streams, a vast customer base, and specialization in brand with high levels of customer loyalty.

As for the revenue streams, we’re able to take advantage of more than one by operating like separate businesses rolled into one – we don’t just sell products, we repair and restore them as well.

Additionally, we believe we offer franchisees and their employees a better quality of life over your average employment experience. For example: we’re closed on Sundays and holidays, and we keep comfortable business hours. Plus, there’s never any heavy equipment to lift and no extreme conditions to work in. And because employees in this industry are passionate about and enjoy what they do – and because customers love the products and services we offer – the atmosphere of Experimac locations is fun and upbeat.

Interested in franchising with Experimac? Call us today to speak with a representative.