The Experimac Story

Experimax is a Proven Business.

The ​Experimax Story

​Experimax is a Proven Business.

Just like many companies that grow into international successes, ​Experimax was started in a garage. Jim Muir, ​Experimax’s founder, was looking for a way to offer customers top of the line electronics and equipment, with a specific focus on Apple products, but at an affordable price. Jim started buying used electronics like computers, cell phones, or tablets to buy, repair, and sell.

In a short time, Jim’s idea was so successful he took the jump and opened a retail location. Thus, the ​Experimax computer repair business was born.

The First ​Experimax

Our first store was located in West Palm Beach, Florida back in 2009. Jim’s first computer repair business quickly became a success, so he asked his four sons to join his team so that he could provide outstanding service and develop lasting relationships with his customers.

Since the store opened, ​Experimax has offered superior customer service, expertise in the industry, and affordable prices for used electronics. Because of that, our brand has an impeccable reputation among customers and others in the industry for the quality of our work.

Expanding on a Global Scale

After several years of success in West Palm Beach, Jim knew it was time to expand his brand. That’s when he turned his business into a computer repair franchise opportunity, giving smart business people the chance to join our successful brand. By teaming up with Ray Titus, the founder and CEO of United Franchise Group in 2015, ​Experimax has been able to grow into an international opportunity.

When Jim and Ray Titus joined forces, Ray said, “This is an incredible opportunity that I feel United Franchise Group can take worldwide.”

​Experimax’s Road to Success

By the end of 2012, the store in West Palm Beach began earning over $1 million each year. At the end of 2013, the store grossed over $1.8 million. Now, there are franchises all over the United States and beyond with owners who are learning the ​Experimax brand and using our proven systems to build their own businesses.

While new franchisees should not expect to be able to replicate the first store’s success immediately, following the ​Experimax process helps owners build a stronger computer repair business from the start. Even when compared to other franchise opportunities, the ​Experimax brand allows for a smoother transition into business ownership.

Investing in Franchisee Success

At ​Experimax, experience has taught us that our franchisees are our greatest asset. Because of this, we are invested in franchisee success and have created thorough training programs and a support structure, even for our international computer repair franchise owners.

To help each franchisee achieve as much success as possible, we offer industry-leading training, regional offices around the world, marketing assistance, mass-purchasing power, website creation, and industry know-how.

We are now available for franchising throughout Australia. Our regional office in Australia are fully staffed with support teams who help our new franchisees grow as business owners.

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