Experimax Turnkey Investment

Experimax is a Proven Business.


Experimax offers franchisees a turn-key opportunity.


Your total investment will be around the $200,000 mark. This will consist of the Franchise Licence Fee, an equipment package and initial stock and inventory to start you up when you open.

You will need to have a working capital sum of a minimum of $45,000 accessible to be used for cash, banking accounts, and easily convertible asset purposes. You will use this sum to cover your inventory costs, salaries, and other related costs.


On a month-to-month basis, you can expect to pay the standard royalty fees that are charged by any franchise business, which we cap at 6% of your monthly revenue. We use this to fund our continuous research and development into the field (which allows us to stay as competitive as we are) as well as to provide you with all the support and benefits you can expect on a month-to-month basis as a franchise.

You will also contribute a set percentage (1%) of your monthly revenue, which will go towards marketing in your area. This is incredibly cost effective and provides a value for money far better than if you had to pay for promotion out of your own pocket. If you want to know more about opening a franchise, contact us today to get more details about Apple store franchise cost, Experimax franchise cost, and Apple store franchise opportunities.


For the above upfront fees, you get access to a business where success is a high probability and the risk is very low. Every cost and process involved in your investment has been tested and honed over time. Each one is aimed at making your path to success that much faster and smoother, and none of our franchisees has ever regretted taking the leap!